Messenger Developer Succcess Stories

Learn how brands and business around the world leverage Messenger to build customer relationships.


Hyundai built a Messenger-powered digital assistant to help the company facilitate faster conversations and gather customer leads. This conversational approach to customer experience lead to a 4X higher sales rate and 3.5X higher conversion rate.

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Audi Taiwan

With Messenger, Audi Taiwan has gained over 80% of its new customer leads through Facebook.

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Optimizing customer experience with conversational commerce.

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Ikea Hong Kong

Improving customer experience with Messenger.

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Samsung Electronics Benelux B.V.

Using Messenger to deliver best-in-class customer support.

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Delivering a reliable retail experience with Messenger.

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Attending to customer needs in an empathetic manner with Messenger.

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Island King

Providing round-the-clock customer support for global gamers with Facebook Messenger.

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