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Having integrated the Messenger API for Instagram into its client communication systems, Sephora could easily interact with people via Instagram by moving public conversations into private messages.

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Messenger API for Instagram


Boosting customer satisfaction by 9.5 points with Messenger API for Instagram


Achieving an 8.2X reduction in response time with Messenger API for Instagram


Boosting qualified sales leads by 30% with Messenger API for Instagram


Achieving a 3.2X boost in customer service agent response times with Messenger API for Instagram


Boosting productivity and cutting average response time by 55% with Messenger API for Instagram


Managing a 6X increase in customer queries with Messenger and Instagram

Ford Motor Argentina

Driving 2.1X more leads with Messenger and Instagram

Magazine Luiza

Achieving a 6.9X increase in responses to customers with Messenger API for Instagram and a 30% reduction in call center contacts with WhatsApp

European Wax Center

Saving time and improving the customer experience by using Messenger API for Instagram


Promoting excellent customer care with Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp

Bath & Body Works Arabia

Resolving 42% more customer service queries with Messenger API for Instagram


Providing excellent customer service with Messenger and Instagram

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Messenger API

FWD Thailand

To boost quote conversion rates by 5X, the insurance company worked with Meta Business Partner AiChat to build a Messenger-powered conversational experience.


Gaining more customers with Messenger-powered conversations.


Making a mark with an automated conversational experience for Messenger

Quiz Clothing

Efficiently resolving 97% of WISMO queries with Facebook Messenger


Handling over 84,000 customer queries in six months with Messenger

Zain Jordan

Increasing Customer Satisfaction with Facebook Messenger

LBC Express

Resolving over 75% of customer queries via automation with Messenger

Avon Poland

Increasing lead generation by 88% with Messenger


Ensuring conversational efficiency with Messenger


Combining Messenger platform features and machine learning to provide faster and more efficient customer service


Improving customer service response time with a Messenger-powered digital assistant

Decathlon UK

Boosting customer satisfaction by 10 points with Messenger


Using Login Connect with Messenger to foster closer connections with 85% of customers


Achieving a 3.2X boost in customer service agent response times with Messenger API for Instagram


Achieving a 20% lift in conversions with Messenger


Increasing customer satisfaction and driving sales with Messenger

Ninja Van

5X faster customer support with Messenger

Hang Seng Bank

Hang Seng Bank worked with SetSail to launch a Messenger-powered digital assistant that resulted in 90% increase in qualified customer leads.

Grupo Savol

After implementing its expanded experience for Messenger, Brazilian car dealer Grupo Savol saw a 60% reduction in customer care operational costs.

Klarmobil GmbH

Klarmobil integrated an automated Messenger-powered digital assistant that drove a 5.5X increase in customers using Messenger for customer service.


CCC implemented a Messenger-run digital assistant to provide customers with 6x more sessions on average (as compared to live agent sessions).

Audi Taiwan

With Messenger, Audi Taiwan has gained over 80% of its new customer leads through Facebook.


By implementing an end-to-end marketing strategy around messaging, Joybird grew its audience by 16X in just six months and achieved more sales earlier in the purchase cycle.

UBA Group

UBA Group introduced a Messenger-powered digital assistant called LEO, more than 58,000 new UBA accounts were created via Messenger in 2020.


Promart developed a Messenger-powered customer care channel, resulting in a 5x increase in conversion rate.

Ikea Hong Kong

Ikea saw a 78% increase in agent productivity when they launched an automated care service.

Samsung Electronics Benelux B.V.

Sam, a 24/7 digital assistant on Messenger and WhatsApp, netted a 25% reduction in call center costs.


Carrefour scaled its digital promotional catalogue distribution via an automated experience on Messenger.


By utilising Messenger, Swisscom was able to streamline its customer service operating process during service outages.

Island King

Seeing a huge volume of questions about the Island King game, Forever9 games integrated an automated Messenger experience that solved 80% of questions within 5 minutes.


After implementing a Messenger-powered digital assistant on TPBank’s website via the Facebook Chat Plugin, the financial institution saw a 50% reduction in custom wait times.

TechStyle Fashion Group

TechStyle developed a sophisticated automated solution that could handle the high volume of queries, resulting in a 95% customer satisfaction rate.


Grab, a Malaysian super-app, saw a 23% operational cost-savings and a 90% decrease in ticket backlog when migrating to a Messenger-powered digital assistant to handle customer questions.

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