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Bespoke furniture

Online furniture brand Joybird builds custom, high-quality furniture to suit clients’ specific preferences and design needs. It operates retail outlets across the US, in cities including New York City, Washington D.C., and Chicago.


Building a solid customer base

Joybird wanted to grow its audience, generate leads, and boost sales with an online campaign that allowed its customers to interact with the brand via Messenger.


Automating conversations with customers

The furniture company worked with conversational commerce expert Paloma to incorporate Messenger into its marketing strategy. Though Joybird had previously experimented with an automated messaging approach, it lacked the experience to use the platform effectively. Paloma offered a fresh end-to-end marketing strategy that involved Messenger and could help the company reach its goals of driving sales and growing the business.

The furniture brand launched a campaign using ads that click to Messenger and targeted people over the age of 25 living in the US as well as a lookalike audience based on a Custom Audience of Joybird’s top customers. The campaign encouraged people to start a conversation and when someone clicked on the ad, a chat window automatically opened – from there, they were greeted by a Messenger-powered digital assistant and prompted to begin the conversation.

The conversational flow in Messenger would guide customers through the shopping experience, asking questions about the type and color of furniture they prefer, as well as the style of décor they like. Using the answers to these questions, the digital assistant would send tips on interior design to help people shop better. If at any point during the conversation customers stopped taking actions, such as not completing a quiz, not clicking back to the site, or not making a purchase, the automated experience for Messenger would send the customer a reminder within 24 hours. Additionally, it sent sponsored messages about upcoming sales and available discounts to those who had opted to receive them.

The automated experience responded to customers quickly with the help of features such as quick replies, message templates, and media. People could also access the Messenger chat via email, web short links, and QR codes.


Exceeding business goals with Messenger

By working with Paloma to implement a Messenger-first strategy, Joybird successfully engaged more customers, gained a sizable audience, and drove sales earlier in the purchase cycle. It achieved saw the following results between April 2020 and November 2020:

  • 16X increase in messaging connections
    • being people who messaged the Joybird Facebook Page
  • More than 600K messaging connections who can be part of future up-sell & X-sell campaigns
  • 3X Return on Ad Spend compared to Click to Website ads

“In partnering with Paloma, we were able to implement and execute an end-to-end marketing strategy that used Messenger to engage with customers and foster a strong relationship with them. Because of the great results we’ve seen, we have dedicated a good portion of our ad budget to our Messenger strategy. The team at Paloma has been instrumental in helping us create and analyze campaigns built on Facebook Messenger and is now a critical marketing and strategic partner for us.”

Eric Tsai
Vice President of Marketing and Analytics, Joybird


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