The Threads API is finally here!

The Threads API is now available to all developers. Learn more about integrating today.

Instagram Boost Signal for Ad Eligibility

The "IG Boost Signals" project provides a convenient and efficient way for partners and advertisers to determine whether their media is eligible to be boosted as an ad before doing so through an API.

Understanding App Use Cases

We’re continuing to expand use cases to make creating and customizing apps easier, unlocking more value for developers.


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Messenger Platform

Generate leads, drive sales, or provide customer service through a personal and convenient user experience.

Facebook Login

A convenient way for Facebook’s billions of global users to log into your app or website.

Instagram Platform

Create tools for businesses, creators, and people to enhance the Instagram experience.

WhatsApp Business Platform

Chat with people on their preferred channel through a customized experience that’s quick to implement.


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Artificial Intelligence

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Access a suite of innovative gaming platforms and services
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Social Integrations

Explore tools and resources to help you grow your audiences on Facebook, Instagram, and beyond.
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Open Source

Empowering community through open source technology.
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Bring your imagination to life through cutting-edge, immersive experiences.
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