App Events

Add events to your product to view analytics, measure ad performance, and build audiences for ad targeting


Adding app events to your app or website helps you learn more about your audience and the actions people take across channels in Facebook Analytics. In Facebook Analytics, you can get powerful, aggregated demographics and rich insights about people's behaviors, such as how many people launch your app or visit your website, how often people make purchases, and many other events, including any custom events that you define.

App events can also be used to measure your mobile app install ads performance, build Custom Audiences for ad targeting, and optimize your mobile app engagement ads.

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Best Practices
Learn best practices for implementing app events, depending on your particular type of business. See examples for apps in e-commerce, retail, gaming and travel.

Learn the most common questions developers have related to integrating app events and using Facebook Analytics.

Facebook Analytics

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If you implement app events in your app or website, you can use Facebook Analytics to view demographic information, build funnels to understand conversion and use cohorts to learn about actions that people take over time and more.

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Visit the Facebook Analytics guided demo to get an idea of how you can use analytics to better understand your audience and improve people's experience in your app to grow your business.

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Targeting with app events
App events lets you build dynamic custom audiences based on the specific actions that people take. For example, you can include people who added items to a shopping cart, but haven't purchased yet. You can also create "look-alike audiences" to target campaigns to new people who are similar to your best customers.

Mobile app install ads
Create campaigns to increase the installs for your mobile app and use app events to measure the actions people take in your app after installing it.

Post install results

You can view post install results from your mobile app install ad campaigns by using Power Editor. This lets you view metrics associated with the revenue gained from your install ad campaigns. For example, you can view metrics such as yield percentage, average revenue per user (ARPU), revenue and more. You can only view these metrics if you log purchase events for your app.

Mobile app engagement ads
Improve your loyalty and retention by re-engaging people who abandoned a cart, haven't completed a tutorial or based on other actions you choose. With custom audiences, you can retarget campaigns to people to help bring them back to your app using dynamic rules that you define. Additionally, you can optimize campaigns for the app events you choose, which allows you to focus on conversions or the other actions you choose.

App event optimization
App event optimization lets you target mobile app install ad campaigns to people likely to take a specific action in your app that you define, such as making a purchase.