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Introducing new tools to help you build your bot and reach 1 billion people around the world
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The people you want to reach are already here
With bots and live-messaging tools, you can create a custom experience for your unique audience.
Messenger lets you interact with people...
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Now people won't need to download an app to interact with you. Just build your bot and instantly reach people on whichever device and platform they use.
How they interact with each other
Messenger's conversational interface lets you communicate in the moment, in a personal way.
All in one place
Integrate your other communication channels and keep all your messaging together.
The tools you need to build and promote your bot
Messenger Plugins
Messenger buttons for your website, emails and more
Messenger Codes and Links
Quick ways to start a conversation
Customer Matching
What you've been sending through SMS is now sent through Messenger
Structured Templates
Personalization for text, photos and CTAs in chat
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Welcome Screen
A custom greeting and call-to-action for people who search for you
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See how other bots are using the Messenger Platform to interact with over 1 billion people around the world
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