Gaining more customers with Messenger-powered conversations

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Their Story

Taking people places

Hyundai is a South Korean automaker with dealerships and manufacturing plants across the world. A multinational conglomerate, it sells its vehicles in over 190 countries and is a market leader in Brazil.

Their Goal

Drive high quality leads & improve conversion rates

Hyundai dealership teams in Brazil usually communicated with potential customers via phone or email, after people had filled out a form via the dealership website. However, the company wanted to find a faster and more efficient way to engage with people, increase leads and improve conversion rates. As a result, Hyundai decided to test an automated experience for Messenger.

Their Solution

Testing automation

Hyundai partnered with Smarters, an end-to-end artificial intelligence solutions provider, to build a Messenger-powered digital assistant to help the company facilitate faster conversations and gather customer leads. After integrating the experience for Messenger, the automotive company set up an A/B test to compare the efficacy of Messenger versus the current system on its website for generating leads, and aimed to use the insights to fine-tune the automated flow via Messenger.

To test the performance of Messenger, Hyundai ran two campaigns over a two-week period in the form of ads that click to Messenger, and ads that linked to the website’s digital assistant. With Messenger, people were guided through completing the form via quick replies to help people in a conversational and friendly way, while the website simply provided the form.

As a result, Hyundai learned that the conversational approach encouraged by Messenger generated a higher number of quality leads and improved conversion rates.

Their Success

Better leads, more sales

Hyundai’s A/B test for lead generation revealed that the Messenger-powered digital assistant was more effective in bringing in qualified leads and sales. With Messenger, the company also earned the following results:

  • 4X higher sales rate via Messenger (compared to following up with leads via email and phone)
  • 3.5X higher conversion rate via Messenger (compared to following up with leads via email and phone)
  • 13% decrease in cost per lead per Messenger (compared to following up with leads via email and phone)
Example of Hyundai's Messenger

“To improve the customer experience, we chose to adopt Messenger as a lead generation channel. With the help of Smarters, we were able to build a Messenger-powered digital assistant, and our A/B tests revealed that people indicated their interest in purchasing much faster via Messenger, leading to an increase in better quality leads and conversions at lower costs.”

- Jan Telecki, Deputy Marketing Director, Hyundai

"Since our partnership with Hyundai began in early 2019, we have worked hard to understand and match the company’s challenges and needs, always with Facebook’s support and guidance. We are very proud to have achieved significantly lower costs compared with its best previous channel, while also bringing a natural and conversational experience to its customers"

- Cesar Gnecchi, Chief Automotive Executive Officer, Smarters

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