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An esteemed financial institution

With over 3.5 million clients, Hang Seng Bank is a leading domestic financial institution in Hong Kong. The bank is dedicated to investing in innovative digital services that are customer-centric, seamless and convenient.


increase in new user activity over a 6-month period


increase in qualified customer leads


registration rate for limited offer over 3 months (Nov, 2020- Jan, 2021)


Providing better communication with credit card customers

Hang Seng Bank offers an array of spending privileges at over 4,000 merchant outlets – including hotels, restaurants and retailers – to its customers. Because of the volume of offers available, the financial institution found it challenging to tell customers about the rewards they were eligible for and that best matched their spending behavior. The bank wanted to find a solution that would ease and strengthen communication with its credit card holders and raise awareness of the rewards available to them.


A Messenger powered digital assistant that allows credit card holders to search for offers and get recommendations

Hang Seng Bank chose to engage with SetSail to build an automated solution using machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) that could accurately read multilingual data to help credit card customers find suitable dining and shopping reward experiences. SetSail’s NLP platform allows the Messenger powered digital assistant to understand colloquial Cantonese and provides a more natural conversational experience. Built on an extensive knowledge base, the recommendation engine can perform multi-turn dialog with the customers to help them discover the most relevant offers for their needs.

Launched in January 2018, DORI (Dining, Offers, Rewards, Interactive), the bank’s Messenger-powered digital assistant, provided people with a faster, simpler and convenient service experience. With DORI acting as a round-the-clock assistant for customers, Hang Seng Bank is able to automatically recommend the most offers based on insights generated from consumer behaviour seamlessly. Additionally, people could use DORI to search for shopping and merchant discounts as well as make reservations at selected restaurants.


Scaling new customer acquisition and boosting new product discovery

Hang Seng Bank worked with SetSail to launch “DORI” - a Messenger-powered digital assistant. developed with a high performance conversational design to better serve customers by providing them with relevant lifestyle deals and content. With DORI, the bank earned the following results:

  • More than 10X increase in new user activity over a 6-month period
  • 90% increase in qualified customer leads
  • 86.9% registration rate for limited offer over 3 months (Nov, 2020- Jan, 2021)

“Built on the Messenger platform, DORI converses with our customers by providing them with relevant and personalized information. SetSail helped us build a reliable, automated and yet humanized experience. The valuable insights we have gained from engaging with customers in this way have enabled us to improve outcomes for our customers and grow our business.”

Simon Yuen
Head of Consumer Assets, Hang Seng Bank


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