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Saving time and improving the customer experience by using Messenger API for Instagram


Reliable personal care services

Founded in 2004, European Wax Center is a leading hair removal services brand in the United States. Headquartered in Plano, Texas, it operates more than 800 outlets and offers a range of waxing services.


Quick and efficient customer care on Instagram

During the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the waxing services brand temporarily closed its centers nationwide to comply with government guidelines. During that time, it received more than 4X its usual volume of messages via Instagram due to customers asking about closures and requesting personal care tips and educational content.

This was much higher than the volume received via other channels, and the waxing company’s lean social media customer service team was unable to keep up with the conversations, even when the agent hours spent on social media increased by nearly 87%. Hundreds of actionable messages on Instagram were still not addressed in a timely manner because the team had to check messages and respond to people via the app. European Wax Center wanted to find a way to integrate its Instagram direct messages into its existing digital customer care solution operated by Khoros.


Streamlining Instagram direct messages into its digital customer care solution

European Wax Center worked with Khoros, a digital social engagement software company, to manage customer queries from channels such as Messenger. At the time, Khoros had early access to Messenger API for Instagram, and the Khoros customer success team was able to extend an invitation to European Wax Center to join the program.

After implementing Messenger API for Instagram, the waxing company seamlessly streamlined its direct messages from Instagram to Khoros and could manage the volume of messages from both Instagram and Messenger via a centralized and organized customer care platform. By using automation to route, label and prioritize Instagram direct messages, the European Wax Center customer service team was able to respond to frequently asked questions and spend more time with customers who had complex queries about products. This allowed them to connect with people on a deeper level.


Smoothing customer care

By implementing Messenger API for Instagram and integrating its Instagram direct messages into the Khoros platform and workflows, European Wax Center experienced a lift in customer satisfaction thanks to increased response and resolutions rates, a higher resolution rate per agent, a decrease in time spent per customer query, and resolving most prioritized queries in two or three messages.

  • 4 hours per week saved on customer service after integrating Messenger API for Instagram
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"Our mission is to help brands create customers for life, including delivering solutions for digital customer care. When we heard about the challenges European Wax Center was experiencing with managing Instagram Messages natively, we were pleased that we could invite them to use the new Instagram Messaging integration in Khoros. We are happy to see that it successfully enabled the team to manage their high volume of customer conversations quickly and efficiently, plus, increase customer satisfaction.”

Chris Tranquill
General Manager of Digital Contact Center and CX Insights Solutions, Khoros

“When we temporarily closed our centers during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, we noticed that many of our customers began using Instagram to communicate their customer care needs with us. While this was a great learning, it also posed a huge challenge for our social media manager, who was unable to respond to actionable messages in a timely manner. Fortunately, we were able to use solutions from Facebook and Khoros to implement Messenger API for Instagram and bring customer messages to one platform, which helped us utilize our customer care team for additional support, decrease agent workload, have more meaningful conversations and boost overall productivity.”

Auburn Berry
Social Media, PR and Guest Relations Director, European Wax Center

Messenger API for Instagram

Integrating with existing tools and data, the Messenger API for Instagram makes managing high volumes of customer messages easier--helping to turn conversations into business outcomes.

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