Providing excellent customer service with Messenger and Instagram


Trendy, sustainable jewelry

Ocean cleanup company 4ocean sells bracelets and other merchandise made from recycled materials to encourage environmental sustainability and fund their global cleanups efforts by pulling a pound of trash out of the ocean, rivers, and coastlines for each product purchased. Headquartered in Florida, it aims to provide superior customer service across all its social media channels, especially Facebook and Instagram.


Managing customer support

Due to the volume of messages and mentions it received on a daily basis, 4ocean found it challenging to respond to people and engage with its audience on Instagram Stories when checking the app natively – it needed a way to streamline its notifications to ensure all messages received a response. The sustainable retailer also needed a solution for generating social media reports and tracking key messaging metrics on Instagram, as it had no visibility for the platform.


Driving efficiencies

4ocean partnered with customer experience management platform Clarabridge to better manage customer conversations. With Clarabridge’s customer management solutions, the jewellery maker routed all its social media mentions to a special folder called Engage where its public tags, private messages, and mentions in Instagram Stories were separated and organized.

Before implementing Clarabridge's solution 4Ocean was missing approximately 30% of messages a day due to the team not having an easy way to prioritize and organize messages in the native app. With this insight, the 4ocean team worked with Facebook and Clarabridge to integrate the Messenger API for Instagram into Engage, where direct messages from customers were sorted into a dedicated folder automatically.

This streamlined approach to organising customer messages allowed 4ocean’s agents to quickly respond to queries, resolve messages, or tag them for reporting.


Swift customer engagement and accurate reporting

After working with Clarabridge, the 4ocean customer service and social media teams could respond quickly and efficiently to all customer messages and generate accurate reports that provided detailed metrics and actionable insights. The brand reported the following results between July 2020 and December 2020:

  • 76% of customers received a response within 10 minutes (compared to 24hrs before the Messenger API for Instagram)
  • 100% of relevant daily messages received a response after integrating Clarabridge Engage
  • 30% estimated increase in daily message response rate after integrating Clarabridge Engage (94% of daily messages receive a response after integration versus an estimated 64% of daily messages before integration)
All results are self-reported and not identically repeatable. Generally expected individual results will differ.

“Working with Clarabridge helped us efficiently organize the customer queries we received from social media into Engage, a folder integrated with Messenger and Messenger API for Instagram. Instead of natively using Messenger and Instagram to respond to people, our customer service and social media teams could access and respond to messages in a single, consolidated platform.”

Patrick Carney
Director of Customer Experience, 4ocean

Messenger API for Instagram

Integrating with existing tools and data, the Messenger API for Instagram makes managing high volumes of customer messages easier--helping to turn conversations into business outcomes.

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