Managing a 6X increase in customer queries with Messenger and Instagram


A global beauty retailer

Founded in 1970, and owned by LVMH, French multinational beauty retailer Sephora is known for its wide range of prestige beauty products across makeup, skincare, haircare, and fragrance, including its own private label, Sephora Collection.


Seamless social conversations

While many of Sephora’s clients typically reached out on Instagram, the prestige beauty retailer needed a more streamlined way to respond to their queries and comments on time and at scale. If clients wanted a quicker response, they would have to contact Sephora’s client support team via email or phone. This proved to be a challenge as many shoppers prefer to engage directly with brands digitally and specifically through their social platforms, so the retailer sought solutions to exercise this at scale.


Highly-engaged Instagram interactions

To integrate and launch Messenger API for Instagram into its platform, Sephora worked with its existing client engagement software Khoros. By leveraging Khoros’s automation and technical tools that matched keywords and phrases to the appropriate customer service agents, the beauty retailer could easily redirect client queries received via Instagram direct messages, comments and Story mentions to the team members with the relevant expertise. Clients would typically ask Sephora questions about product availability, product recommendations, shipping and order arrival.

Having integrated the Messenger API for Instagram into its client communication systems, Sephora could easily interact with people via Instagram by moving public conversations into private messages.

With Khoros’s analytics capabilities, Sephora could provide personalized service based on the client’s conversation history with the brand, measure response times and derive actionable insights.


Satisfying Instagram-savvy customers

Thanks to Messenger API for Instagram, Sephora clients who used the platform to interact with the beauty retailer proved to be highly active and engaged. As a result, Sephora could have faster conversations, resolve queries easily and serve clients solely via Instagram. Since the API’s integration in 2019, Sephora has earned the following results:

  • 100% of clients reaching out through Instagram now served on Instagram
  • 15% decrease in average responses per conversation across all channels after implementing the Messenger API for Instagram, reducing time spent per inquiry and increasing agent efficiency
All results are self-reported and not identically repeatable. Generally expected individual results will differ.

“As a global prestige beauty retailer, it’s important for us to meet clients where they are. Many of our clients are on Instagram and we needed to find a more efficient way to respond to the hundreds of inquiries we receive daily. The Messenger API for Instagram has enabled our team to easily resolve queries received via Instagram messaging, comments and story mentions within the platform, providing a seamless experience for the client.”

Hilary Lin
Social Media Supervisor, Client Services. Sephora

“Messenger API for Instagram has allowed customers like Sephora to use the Khoros platform to engage in rich customer conversations at scale, serve their customers with greater efficiency and personalization, and build stronger digital relationships to create customers for life.”

Jack Blaha
CEO. Khoros

Messenger API for Instagram

Integrating with existing tools and data, the Messenger API for Instagram makes managing high volumes of customer messages easier--helping to turn conversations into business outcomes.

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