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Founded in Poland in the 1990s, CCC is now a leading footwear retailer in Central Europe, and one of Europe’s largest footwear manufacturers. In 2013, CCC began its expansion, moving first into Western Europe and in 2018 began operating subsequently in the Middle East. Now CCC Group is present in 30 countries, has over 1,000 stores and employs over 15,000 people.


more Messenger assistant sessions on average (as compared to live agent sessions)[*]


fewer cases handed over to a live agent[*]


Boosting customer satisfaction

CCC depends on digitisation and the adoption of new technologies to offer customers the right products at the right time on their preferred channel. To provide customers with excellent customer service, the footwear retailer wanted to introduce an automated tool to be a first point of contact for customers and to help increase customer satisfaction during the entire shopping journey. As Messenger is widely popular across the region, and especially in Central Europe, CCC wanted to build a Messenger-powered digital assistant.


Getting ahead with automation

CCC built an automated Messenger experience that could answer frequently asked questions and that was connected to its product catalog to support its customer service team in assisting customers find products by availability, size, colour and price.

The team used the Messenger-powered assistant to provide customers with updates on order processing, shipment status and returns, and to answer frequently asked questions regarding payment, store locations, opening hours, promotions and loyalty programs. In addition, people could use the visual search function to find specific products by sending the automated Messenger experience an image of what they were looking for. If the product was available, the digital assistant responded with the details.

For complex questions, the Messenger assistant had a built-in handover protocol where the customer was referred to a live service agent for further assistance. CCC also added the Facebook Chat plugin into its website so customers could easily access the automated Messenger experience regardless of platform.


A virtual communication channel

CCC’s Messenger-run digital assistant was crucial in transforming its customer service experience and providing customers with fast and direct online support. As of September 2020, the shoe retailer has seen the following results:

  • 6X more Messenger assistant sessions on average (as compared to live agent sessions)[*]
  • 44% fewer cases handed over to a live agent[*]

* September 2020

“Messenger has transformed the way we approach customer service. We have been able to expand our customer service offerings by introducing a new online communication channel on a familiar platform where people can instantly find the answers to their queries, search for specific products and check up on their order status. This has helped us improve operational efficiency and allowed customers to find answers to their questions quickly.”

Robert Prokopowicz
Customer Service Manager, CCC


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