Achieving a 3.4X increase in gross merchant value with Messenger and Facebook Login




Digital-forward fashion brand

Newchic is a B2C online fashion store headquartered in Hong Kong that serves customers in over 200 countries. Founded in 2014, the fashion retailer began expanding its cross-border business in 2015 by advertising with Facebook and was an early adopter of Messenger, piloting the platform as a customer care channel in 2018, integrating Facebook Login, and partnering with Bothub to build and integrate an automated experience for Messenger. Today, Newchic uses Facebook Ads and Messenger as part of its multi-channel live-selling initiative so that customers can quickly and easily purchase products via private replies during flash sales that are streamed on Facebook Live.


Closer communication, faster checkouts

Newchic wanted to use messaging to forge a closer relationship between the retailer and its shoppers and encourage people to make a purchase. The fashion brand was also looking to reduce friction so that customers could shop and complete a purchase quickly and seamlessly.


Facilitating an efficient path to purchase

To find a new solution that met its needs, Newchic turned to Facebook and integrated Login Connect with Messenger, a new product that gives people the opportunity to opt-in to receiving messages when they create an account using Facebook Login.

For customers who opted-in through Login Connect with Messenger, the fashion retailer reduced the barrier to purchase by sending a coupon via Messenger. NewChic was then able to link the user's PSID with their Newchic account to gain a better understanding of their user base and reduce the amount of duplicate accounts.

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Significant business results

By implementing Login Connect with Messenger, Newchic successfully provided users the ability to opt-in to receive messages when they created a new account, which led to an increase in Messenger conversations and sales*. Only one month after launching Login Connect with Messenger, the fashion brand saw the following results:

  • 3.4X increase in gross merchant value (GMV) through Messenger
  • 2.4X increase in revenue generated from welcome coupon sent via Messenger to customers who opted-in with Login Connect with Messenger
  • 2.6X increase in Messenger sales conversions
*All results are self-reported and not identically repeatable. Generally expected individual results will differ.

“As we work to expand our brand, scale our customer care service and connect more closely with our customers, Facebook has provided solutions that help us reach our business goals. After implementing Login Connect with Messenger, we’ve succeeded in providing better, more personalize customer service that enables fast and seamless account creation. This has led to significant increase in user engagement as well as in purchases and revenue.”

Miko Su
Head of Marketing, Newchic

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