Achieving an 8.2X reduction in response time with Messenger API for Instagram




A comfortable night’s sleep

Direct-to-consumer mattress and bedding company Luuna is one of Mexico’s fastest-growing ecommerce companies. Manufactured locally, Luuna’s premium products are available to customers at reasonable prices. The company prides itself on providing a high-quality customer experience both in-store and across digital channels.


reduction in response time after integrating Messenger API for Instagram


incremental increase in customer satisfaction score


decrease in the number of negative public reviews


Introducing conversational commerce for Instagram

The mattress company wanted to provide better and faster customer support on Instagram by reducing response times, which were sometimes as long as several days. In addition, Luuna wanted to help its agents track orders, boost engagement with customers and qualify sales leads, and needed a solution that integrated with its existing customer care software.


Efficiently handling customer conversations with automation

Luuna worked with artificial intelligence conversationalist Gus Chat to integrate Messenger API for Instagram into its customer communication system so that it can easily review and action its Instagram direct messages, Instagram Story mentions and comments on posts in a single place.

With the Messenger integration, Luuna could immediately send customers who contacted them via Instagram a personalized automated greeting and then could quickly identify their needs using a menu of interactive buttons, message templates and quick replies.

If the query was too complex for the automated experience to solve, Messenger used a handover protocol to transfer the conversation to a live service agent – but in instances where customers contacted Luuna after business hours, they received an automated message letting them know when to expect a response from an agent. After the customer’s query was resolved, the automated experience sent them a message asking them to rate their experience so that the Luuna team could gather insights about customer satisfaction.


Swifter conversations, happier customers, increased sales

With Messenger API for Instagram, Luuna can respond quickly and efficiently to customers, resulting in positive reviews and increased sales. The sleep brand is currently developing a way to track sales driven by Instagram, and has seen the following results since November 2020:

  • 8.2X reduction in response time after integrating Messenger API for Instagram
  • 10% increase in conversion rate since integrating Messenger API for Instagram
  • 50% decrease in the number of negative public reviews
*All results are self-reported and not identically repeatable. Generally expected individual results will differ.

“By partnering with Gus Chat to integrate Messenger API for Instagram, we have been able to streamline all our customer communication in a single place. As a result, we were able to respond to people’s messages faster and provide them with swift and excellent service, which in turn drove greater customer satisfaction and sales.”

Esmeralda Reyes
Head D2C Ecommerce Sales , Luuna

"Automation can aid businesses in managing multiple platforms and optimizing the customer service experience. For Luuna, integrating Messenger API for Instagram streamlined its communication services, drove excellent business results, and resulted in positive customer reviews that had a knock-on effect on sales."

Jaime Navarro
CEO, Gus Chat

Messenger API for Instagram

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