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Their Story

Delivering style

Founded in 2010, TechStyle Fashion Group is a fast-growing, membership-driven ecommerce company with a sales presence in 12 countries. The group is made up of 5 brands – JustFab, ShoeDazzle, Fabletics, FabKids, and Savage X Fenty – and serves more than 5 million active members.

Their Goal

Tailoring customer service

TechStyle wanted to find a way to decrease live-agent customer service operational costs as well as upgrade the automated self-service system it had in place. It needed a sophisticated automated solution that could handle the high volume of queries the company receives, sort them by brand, topic, and priority, and redirect inquiries that need to be handled by live agents.

Their Solution

A better automated experience

To build a better customer service system, TechStyle partnered with Snaps, a leading platform for connecting people and businesses with messaging. With the goal of creating the best automated experience on Messenger, the companies kickstarted the project by reviewing use cases by brand and topic. Next, they identified the features TechStyle’s automated flow needed to provide an optimal customer experience. From there, technical and conversational design considerations were tackled and Snaps worked to ensure there were no gaps or missteps in the flow.

After two months, the automated experience on Messenger was ready. It provided consistent, on-brand experiences for all 5 TechStyle brands and offered the ability for inquiries to be completely handled within the automated flow and included natural language processing (NLP) to identify customer intents and determine whether the query could be completed via self-service or if a live agent was required.

Because 40% of total customer service queries were related to where-is-my-order queries (WISMO), Snaps implemented automatic order status updates that alerted customers via Messenger of order and shipping updates. This reduced the volume of inquiries about customer orders substantially by keeping customers informed of the progress of their order. Additionally, customers could look up their order via the automated experience on Messenger, which further encouraged self-service care.

To ensure live agents are able to provide superior customer care, Snaps’ platform includes tools to give them a high-level view of trending conversations, valuable knowledge that empowers them to improve support and provide timely, up-to-date responses to topics as they arise.

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Their Success

Intelligent customer service

TechStyle’s new automated experience for Messenger is a solution that gives customers the tools to quickly and easily find answers to their questions, enabling them to deliver quality service.


Overall containment


‘Where Is My Order’ (WISMO) containment


Customer Satisfaction

“Facebook’s automated experience on Messenger has given us the ability to provide comprehensive, user-friendly customer service at an extremely high level. By working with Snaps, we now have a solution that helps us answer queries across all 5 of our brands, and that empowers customers to find answers to their queries, thus reducing the volume of messages as well as operational costs.”

– Becca de Schepper, Sr. Manager of Digital Services, TechStyle Fashion Group

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