Achieving a 20% lift in conversions with Messenger




Fashionable finds

Womenswear retailer ChicMe offers shoppers an online platform for discovering trendy clothing with attractive prices. Based in China and founded in 2015, the clothing site ships internationally and aims to bring happiness to its customers’ lives by delivering fashionable products, a satisfying user experience, and excellent customer service.


more people started a conversation via Messenger


lift in conversion rate


incremental increase in customer satisfaction score


reduction in volume of international phone calls


Better support, more sales

ChicMe wanted to introduce new solutions and entry points to its existing Messenger experience so that it could expand support to assist shoppers throughout the customer journey and boost sales.


Encouraging Messenger conversations during the shopping journey

ChicMe worked with Sanuker, an automated conversation specialist, to add Messenger Chat Plugin to its website and build an automated experience for Messenger that answered frequently asked questions. For customers with complex queries, Sanuker built in a handover protocol that seamlessly transfers them to a live agent for further assistance.

Once launched, ChicMe shoppers could access Messenger via the retail site and receive pre-purchase customer care. The retail site also activated Guest User Mode so that people who were not logged in to a Facebook or Messenger account could still begin a frictionless conversation in Messenger.


Engaging more shoppers

Since introducing Messenger and an automated conversation experience to its website, ChicMe has been able to measure customer support metrics, including response time, resolution rates and agent productivity rates*. Between August 5, 2020 and February 25, 2021, compared to the same period in 2019 and 2020, ChicMe achieved the following:

  • 36% more people started a conversation via Messenger after Messenger Chat Plugin integration
  • 20% lift in conversion rate (across all Messenger entry points)
  • 15% incremental increase in customer satisfaction score (across all Messenger entry points)
  • 30% reduction in volume of international phone calls
*All results are self-reported and not identically repeatable. Generally expected individual results will differ.

“We believe speedy and quality responses are key to the sustainable growth of our cross-border business, and our customer experience team tailors every message with passion and professionalism. The agility we gain from the Sanuker-built Messenger experience has helped us gain immediate insights about customer expectations and the benefits of every emerging market opportunity.”

Li Feng
Chief Technology Officer, ChicMe

"We are grateful to work with ChicMe, a brand that truly appreciates the importance of providing its customers with quick response time and high-quality care to its customers.It’s thrilling to see them achieve amazing customer satisfaction and financial success in this challenging time, and we’re delighted that our live messaging solutions have helped them along the way."

Burton Chau
CEO and Co-founder, Sanuker

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