Boosting productivity and cutting average response time by 55% with Messenger API for Instagram


Whitening products for every smile

Founded in 2014, Hismile is a teeth whitening company based in Queensland, Australia that uses Instagram as its primary channel to engage with its global customers. Its flagship product, the Hismile Teeth Whitening Kit, is a popular home teeth whitening solution.


Incorporating a centralized messaging platform for customer care

Hismile received such a large volume of direct messages on Instagram that the company used up to four external platforms to help its customer experience agents respond to all the queries. But because the agents had to communicate with people via a mobile device or Facebook Page inbox, answering each message was time-consuming and Hismile did not have a 360-degree view of its customers. The smile care brand wanted to streamline these processes with a seamless omnichannel experience for its agents that reduced downtime, boosted productivity and provided insights about its customer base through tracking and reporting.


Streamlining processes

In 2020, Hismile partnered with customer relationship management expert Kustomer and implemented Messenger API for Instagram to streamline all of its customer care channels across Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram into one centralized system. The teeth whitening brand was then able to use its existing automated experience for Messenger to respond to frequently asked questions and easily transfer customers with complex queries to a live agent.

Kustomer’s solutions provided Hismile’s agents with a comprehensive timeline that showed orders, previous communications with a customer, and customer touch-points, allowing the agents to personalize each conversation. With Kustomer, Hismile was also able to create message shortcuts, measure customer sentiment, process orders, and track performance.


More to smile about

By working with Kustomer and integrating Messenger API for Instagram, Hismile successfully launched a seamless omnichannel experience that sped up response time, provided a full-view of conversations, and enabled easy tracking and reporting*. Hismile reported the following:

  • 8 hours per day saved on customer support hours since integrating Messenger API for Instagram (March 2021 compared to November 2020)
  • 55% decrease in average response time ((March 2021 compared to November 2020)
*All results are self-reported and not identically repeatable. Generally expected individual results will differ.

“Since integrating our online customer care channels with Kustomer’s platform, we can now see all images, mentions and messages we receive on Instagram on the Kustomer timeline. This helps us speed up response time by using automated message templates and shortcuts or by simply liking the message. We have automated conversation tags attached to every conversation to help us track and monitor why our customers are reaching out. By having this omnichannel experience and data from the beginning of each conversation, we’re able to personalize our messages to customers from the get-go, which helps us improve the overall user experience without having to ask our customers too many unnecessary questions.”

Jennifer Curtis
Digital Project Manager, Hismile

“For ecommerce businesses, online customer care is paramount to success. We’re thrilled that Hismile was able to use our customer service management platform to streamline channels, organize its inbound messages, and set-up automated responses and hybrid systems that allow their customer care team to respond to customers quickly and efficiently.”

Vikas Bhambri
SVP, CX and Sales, Kustomer

Messenger API for Instagram

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