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Resolving over 75% of customer queries via automation with Messenger




Keeping the world moving

Founded in 1945 as a brokerage company, Philippine-based courier company LBC Express offers scheduled commercial vehicle cargo services and planned cargo airline services. It operates over 1,250 branches in the Philippines, and has a presence in Europe, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. In North America, it operates over 60 branches.


4-star ratings


man-hours saved


customer queries resolved


Being available for customers

LBC Express wanted to provide customers with an accessible and proactive automated experience for common queries such as tracking packages and checking domestic and international rates. It also wanted to provide live service for more complex queries. Additionally, the courier company was looking to integrate the automated experience into its existing customer relationship management system.


Better interactions with automation

LBC Express partnered with to build an automated experience for Messenger that could answer frequently asked questions using accurate information from the company’s internal system. The Messenger experience could resolve queries related to package tracking, delivery rates, pickups, branch information, as well as seamlessly transfer customers with complex questions to a customer service representative via’s Live Chat solution. Once people had completed the conversation, they were prompted to respond to a customer satisfaction survey. helped LBC Express fully integrate the digital assistant with its internal systems via an API into its website and activate Guest User Mode so customers could chat with the service without logging into their Facebook or Messenger accounts. Additionally, if customers wanted to receive automated notifications for status updates regarding delivery status, they could opt-in for personalized notifications.

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Millions of satisfied customers

By partnering with and adopting an automated Messenger experience, LBC Express connected easily with a large volume of customers. Within three months of launching the automated experience, the company saw the following results:

  • 75.3% of queries resolved without any human intervention
  • 81% of customers gave over 4-star ratings to the automated Messenger experience
  • 213,403 man-hours saved (1,186 hours per day, equivalent to 148 employees)
  • 1.7M customer queries resolved
*Results are unique and are provided by the featured business. Success story results will vary, as they depend on a variety of factors.

“With the launch of the automated experience for Messenger, customers can easily contact us at all times and receive answers to pressing queries. What’s more, we are now able to handle a large volume of customers and send them important updates regarding their orders. By relying on’s operational expertise and Facebook’s seamless communication solution, we have successfully served millions.”

Javy Mantecon
CMO, LBC Express

“With automation gaining prominence in the customer service journey, LBC Express decided to turn to Messenger for a seamless conversational experience that could easily integrate with its customer management system. We helped the business resolve most queries with automation, earn high customer approval ratings and greatly boost productivity. We are happy to have been a part of LBC Express’s automation journey.”

Yash Kotak

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