Promoting excellent customer care with Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp


Trendy lifestyle

AMARO is a lifestyle brand that offers the best of fashion, beauty, wellness, and home all in one place. The brand started in 2012 as an online-only store selling fashion, and has since expanded to also offer beauty supplies, wellness products and home goods. As of 2021, AMARO has opened 17 physical stores in Brazil and employs over 400 people. Its brick-and-mortar stores, also known as “guide shops”, offer customers the opportunity to try on and see products, as well as the opportunity to purchase in-store or shop online.

The lifestyle brand focuses on delivering an impeccable consumer experience through social media and messaging channels and strives to provide the best customer service. In 2018, AMARO adopted Messenger as part of its larger digital strategy, followed by WhatsApp, and in 2019, the brand began testing Instagram messaging support during the alpha phase.


Solid customer retention

AMARO wanted to provide seamless pre-purchase and customer care support, while boosting its customer service team’s productivity, reducing operational costs, and driving both sales and greater customer retention.


Streamlining customer service channels

AMARO partnered with digital customer service platform Kustomer to streamline its Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram channels into a single customer relationship management platform. By doing this, the lifestyle brand hoped the centralised system would help its customer service team to provide the same standard of care to all shoppers while also allowing the team to respond to questions about products, orders, and returns quickly and efficiently.

The brand built a custom automated workflow on Kustomer to address its customer service needs and to boost agent productivity. From there, AMARO implemented a handover protocol for Messenger and Messenger API for Instagram to transfer customers with complex queries from the automated chat conversations to a customer service agent seamlessly.


Boosting customer satisfaction

By partnering with Kustomer to smooth its digital communication strategy, AMARO delighted shoppers with high-quality customer service and simpler conversations. The brand achieved the following results in Q4 2019 compared to same time in 2018:

  • 93% customer satisfaction score since implementing Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp
  • 58% reduction in phone support costs since implementing Messenger Handover Protocol, Messenger API for Instagram and WhatsApp Business API
  • 92% of customer queries successfully resolved on first contact across the 3 messaging apps
  • 22% reduction overall contacts with proactive notifications on WhatsApp
  • 13% increase no First Contact Resolution across Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp
All results are self-reported and not identically repeatable. Generally expected individual results will differ.

“Offering to the shoppers the necessary support via their preferred messaging platforms is what it means to be omnichannel, for AMARO. Instead of expecting customers to visit its website or mobile app to receive support, we decided to offer them a personalized space via Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger. As a result, the customers can access our services 24/7, on the go.”

Wellington José
Head of Digital Product, AMARO

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