Messenger Platform 2.1 has arrived! It includes the Handover Protocol, Built-In NLP, a new payments flow, and much more.

Getting Started

Create a bot in 10 minutes using Node.js


Detailed guides for getting the most out of major features.

API Reference

  • Webhooks - receive messages and various events
  • Send API - send messages, content, templates, quick replies and more
  • Webviews - on using web pages inside of the bot
  • Plugins - different plugins that can be used on web to drive users to a bot
  • Messenger Profile - to control the way your bot appears in Messenger
  • Messenger Code - to link the offline world to your bot
  • User Profile - get user info like name, profile picture, timezone and more

Report a Bug

Select Messenger Platform to report a platform-related bug


Launch Checklist

Review the steps needed for launch.

App Review

Read about the submission process.

Messenger Platform Policy Overview

Read the overview about platform policies for Messenger and make sure your bot is compliant.

Platform Guidelines

Discover how to use Messenger Platform tools to design a delightful experience and get the most out of your interactions on Messenger.

Other Resources

The NLP API can help you parse user messages into structured, actionable data. This allows you to understand the meaning of messages and extract information out of it. You can now use Built-In NLP to directly receive the NLP output along with the text your users send.

Technical FAQ

Read the FAQ for frequently asked technical questions.