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Lead Generation

Messenger makes it easy for potential customers to connect with your business anywhere, anytime.

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Conversation elements such as quick replies and message templates help people to establish a connection with your business.


Leads captured in Messenger can be integrated into existing solutions, such as your CRM or live chat provider.


Messenger threads are persistent cross-platform and cross-device. No need to channel switch - you can continue nurturing leads directly in Messenger.

Generating leads in Messenger


More people completed quotes in Messenger than the company's website


Lower cost per lead, compared to ads on other digital platforms

Haven Life is a life insurance agency that offers people a quoting tool to get rate estimates before purchasing a policy — all through Messenger.

To reach prospective customers at scale, Haven Life created ads that automated lead collection in Messenger, leveraging Facebook targeting tools such as lookalike audiences. By making iterations of their experience, they learned what people engaged with most, then tailored the creative throughout the campaign to drive better results.

After the month-long campaign, Haven Life received valuable insights and analytics. They achieved strong results, including a lower cost per lead compared to ads on other digital platforms.

Generate leads with ads

Create simple lead generation flows for Messenger using Ads Manager.

Low effort

Re-engage your customers using Ads

Drive customers to your Messenger experience using our ads product.

Low effort

Increasing lead quality by using Messenger


Increase in quality leads compared to other digital platform


of leads from Facebook are quality leads, beating all other channels


Increase in after sale services compared to other channels

To creatively engage the right customers, Audi Taiwan decided to explore ads that click to Messenger. Audi Taiwan developed a series of video ads that included a clear call-to-action to start a conversation in Messenger.

When people clicked, they could learn more about available cars with the Audi Mobile Assistant and conveniently book a test-drive without having to pick up the phone or send an email.

With the help of its media agency, PHD, Audi Taiwan showed the ads to people with an interest in cars. The brand also served the ads to Custom Audiences of people who had liked its Facebook page, and those who had viewed its promotional video. It then created lookalike audiences based on people who had watched the video ads to reach even more potential customers.

With Messenger as a gateway, Audi Taiwan efficiently connected with interested people, sparked engaging conversations about its cars and provided a seamless and optimized mobile experience for potential customers, resulting in a 42% increase in quality leads compared to other digital platforms.

Messenger Entry Points

There are several entry points from which your customers can access your Messenger experience, including a plugin on your website, your Facebook page, Ads that click to Messenger, and links.

Low effort

How Messenger connects with your customers


Respond to product inquiries from story replies, comments and messages from posts on Instagram.

Chat Plugin

The Facebook Chat Plugin makes it easy for people to start conversations with your business while browsing your website.

Facebook Page

Make it easy for people to reach out by adding a "Send Message" call-to-action to your Page or Page posts.

Ads that click to Messenger

Start conversations at scale with ads that click to Messenger. Links

Start conversations from hyperlinks that you can add to emails, messages, social media posts, and more.

QR Codes

QR codes make it easy to start conversations in Messenger from offline locations such as in-store signage, product packaging, direct mail, and more.

Additional Use Cases

Learn more about starting conversations in Messenger.


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Learn how brands and business around the world leverage Messenger to build customer relationships.

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Messenger Solutions

These are the building blocks of your Messenger experience. Whether you’re looking to generate leads, drive sales, or provide customer service, we have the solutions you need.

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