Messenger Platform


Entry Points

People can discover your bot from a number of different entry points:




Discover Tab

Discover is a new section in Messenger where people can browse and find businesses to message.

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Your bot is also discoverable by users searching in Messenger. While typing in the search box, we'll show a typeahead dialog that will enable people to find your bot.

Your bot is only discoverable once your app has been through App Review and been approved.

Sharing & Chat Extensions

Messenger provides powerful sharing capabilities to make your bot viral.

Any message shared via the these modes automatically includes an attribution at the top of the message that users can tap to see your bot:

Users can share from your bot in the following ways:

Sharing via JS in the Webview & Chat Extensions

Pages using Messenger Extensions can invoke a customized sharing flow via JavaScript using the beginShareFlow() function. In addition to the attribution above, these messages can include buttons to open the bot or a specified page.

The webview might be opened via a URL button, a menu, or via the Chat Extensions feature.

Message Forwarding

Users can forward any rich message from your bot (like an image or generic template) to their friends.

"Share" Buttons in Messages

Messages can include a share button that launches a sharing flow. It can either share the message the button was included in or a different, customized message.

Default Share in Webview

By default, any URL opened via your bot will include a "Share" button that produces an attributed message as depicted above.

This behavior can be disabled via the webview_share_button attribute in the URL button and menu. You may wish to do this if you're providing more customized functionality for Messenger users.

Thread Details

Users can tap your bot's name from the top toolbar, then tap "Share" to share your bot.

Facebook Page

Many users will find your bot via your Facebook page. They may have searched for it or seen a post in their newsfeed. For that reason, we recommend the following:

  • If your bot serves a company or brand, bind the bot to the canonical page for that company or brand. Refrain from creating an entirely separate Facebook page for the bot in this case.

  • When configuring the page, consider setting "Send Message" as your page's primary CTA:

Ads on Facebook

To further enable targeted discovery of experiences on the Messenger Platform, advertisers will now be able to select Messenger as a destination under the "website clicks" objective.

They can use any call-to-action in their ad, including "Send Message", to link to Messenger.

All clicks on the News Feed ads will directly open up a Messenger thread with a copy of the ad or configurable structured message.

Learn More → Links links can be added to your website, in your native app, in emails or text messages, or in ads. They link the user to your bot, whether they're on mobile or desktop.

They also support adding a ref parameter so that you can know which links are most effective or invoke specific functionality when the link is opened.

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Web Plugins

Messenger provides a variety of plugins you can integrate into your website to bring users to your bot.

Message Us

Starts a conversation and sends the user into Messenger.

Send to Messenger

Send a given piece of content to their phone, subscribing them to your bot in the process.


Lets the user add your bot inside of a form or flow on your site. Can be either opt-in or opt-out.

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Messenger Codes

With Messenger Codes, you can:

  • Scan a Messenger Code when you first meet someone to add them
  • Publish your own Messenger Code anywhere (profile images, business cards, marketing material) so people can find you.

Individual users can find their Messenger code by tapping People followed by Scan Code on the Messenger app. You can then view and share your code or scan someone else's.

On the web, you can find your bot's Messenger Code by clicking Inbox at the top of your Facebook page, then the i icon at the bottom of the inbox. It's also available in the Pages Manager app.

Bots can also programaticaly generate codes via the Messenger Code API.

Ensure that your page's profile image is greater than 1000px by 1000px to ensure you can download high-resolution Messenger Codes.

Phone Numbers (Customer Matching)

With the pages_messaging_phone_number permission, you can send messages to people in Messenger if you have their phone number and their consent to be contacted by you. We will match the person in Messenger and send your message to them if a match is found.

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