Drive sales through conversation


With Messenger you can combine the personal service of in-store shopping with the convenience of shopping online. Messenger’s Platform offers rich tools to enable conversational commerce experiences on Facebook and Instagram and Messenger’s chat plugins make it easy to start a conversation on your website, and more.

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Messenger’s Platform supports product catalogue integrations, receipts and shipping updates, back-in-stock alerts and other rich features to power your commerce experience


Messaging can offer a concierge-like experience that makes people feel cared for, creating a sense of connection that can lead to loyalty


Messenger doesn’t just drive sales in the moment, it connects people and businesses in a persistent channel that enables follow-up and reengagement

Personalized recommendations in Messenger


Return on ad spend for the Christmas Campaign


Return on ad spend for the Valentine's Day campaign

Happy Socks wanted to make it easy for customers to find the right pair of socks during the holiday season. Working with Messenger developer partner Spectrm, Happy Socks created a personalized shopping experience in Messenger.

Using Messenger's best practices for guided shopping, Happy Socks helped customers navigate its 300 sock styles and find the perfect pair; making the experience simple and fun and including a clear call-to-action to drive sales. They then ran ads that clicked to Messenger to lead people to into the experience, resulting in a 2.4x return on ad spend for their Christmas campaign.

Facebook Shops

Facebook Shops is our online destination within our Family of Apps, where businesses can express their brand, reach potential customers and sell products and services. Messaging is a critical component on both on Instagram and Facebook - and we're making it native in Shops so customers can make better, more confident purchase decisions while driving sales for businesses.

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Driving sales through conversational commerce


return on ad spend


growth in sales (compared to non-campaign period)

Kiehl’s worked with Messenger developer partner Haravan to build a conversational commerce experience in Messenger, where people could ask product questions and place orders. Orders placed in Messenger were routed directly to the brand’s logistics and inventory management department, making it easy for Kiehl’s to track inventory and fulfill orders. Kiehl’s then used ads that click to Messenger to start conversations with its target audience, resulting in a 1.8x return on ad spend and a 22% growth in sales.

How Messenger connects with your customers


Respond to product inquiries from story replies, comments and messages from posts on Instagram.

Chat Plugin

The Facebook Chat Plugin makes it easy for people to start conversations with your business while browsing your website.

Facebook Page

Make it easy for people to reach out by adding a "Send Message" call-to-action to your Page or Page posts.

Ads that click to Messenger

Start conversations at scale with ads that click to Messenger. Links

Start conversations from hyperlinks that you can add to emails, messages, social media posts, and more.

QR Codes

QR codes make it easy to start conversations in Messenger from offline locations such as in-store signage, product packaging, direct mail, and more.

Additional Use Cases

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Customer Care

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Messenger Success Stories

Learn how brands and business around the world leverage Messenger to build customer relationships.

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Messenger Solutions

These are the building blocks of your Messenger experience. Whether you’re looking to generate leads, drive sales, or provide customer service, we have the solutions you need.

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