Technical Documentation

Learn how to quickly implement and succeed with Facebook's developer products.


Ads for Apps

Drive installs to your app, engage existing users, and increase conversions.

Ads for Websites

Acquire new visitors, engage existing customers, and drive business results.

App Events

Log events from your app for insights, ad performance and to build dynamic audiences for ad targeting.

App Invites

People can invite their Facebook friends to your mobile app.

App Links

Link to content in your mobile app with this open cross-platform solution.

Analytics for Apps

Learn how people interact with your apps across multiple devices.

Audience Network

Monetize your mobile app by adding Facebook ads in your app.


Build, grow and monetize your game on any platform — iOS, Android, or


Measure and optimize performance for you app, page or domain on Facebook and outside of Facebook.


Enable secure, fast and easy way log in to your app or website.

Marketing API

Build custom advertising tools and automated access to Facebook's powerful ad platform.

Messenger Platform

Integrate your app with Messenger, grow your audience and increase engagement.

Payments for Games

Easily accept international payments in your game on


Enable users to easily share your app's content with friends on Facebook.

Social Plugins

Make your app or website social. Like, Share, Send, Embed Posts or use Facebook Comments.

APIs and SDKs


Includes Bolts, Audience Network, and Facebook Frameworks and requires iOS 7.

Android SDK

Includes Audience Network, and Facebook packages and requires Android API Level 9.

Other SDKs

Unofficial, third-party SDKs in other programming languages and frameworks. Built by amazing communities of active developers.


A rich set of client-side functionality to add Social Plugins, make API calls and add Facebook Login.


Native library to access Graph API and use Facebook Login in your app.


Rapidly and easily build cross-platform games on Facebook.

The Graph API

The main way to read and write data with Facebook's platform. Learn the API including versioning, access control, and full reference documentation.

Developing with Facebook

App Development

Make app development more efficient. Understand our versioning model, upcoming changes, Test Apps and Test Users.

App Review

Ensures people have great experiences with apps integrated with Facebook. Plan App Review in your development process.

Platform Policy

Keeps you and people who use Facebook safe, and ensure high-quality experiences for everyone.

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