Upload and Manage Videos on Facebook

Facebook offers a number of different ways to interact with people via video. This page lists out the different ways your app can be built to upload or manage videos.

Uploading Videos for Pages and People

  • Uploading Videos with the Graph API - Learn how to use the Graph API to upload videos to a person's account or a Facebook Page.

  • Video Upload Example in PHP - Upload a video using Facebook's PHP SDK.

  • Insights - Learn about insights for Pages, posts and videos. You can use insights for a variety of different measurements. Please see the document for more information.

  • Rights Manager API - Use Facebook's Rights Manager API to manage how a video can be used.

  • Crossposted Videos API - Pages can cross-post videos from one page to another with the ability to get total metrics to measure performance.

Live Video

Video Polls

  • Live Polls API - Create and manage Video Polls on Live and On-Demand Videos.

Instant Articles


  • Managing Video Ads - Learn how to use the Marketing API to create, measure, and optimize video campaigns.



Video Nodes for Pages and People

Crossposted Videos

Live Video