Vietnam-based eDoctor is a mobile app where people can easily access healthcare information.

The Story

eDoctor Provides Vital Medical Information with Facebook Tools

Vietnam-based eDoctor is a mobile app where millions of Vietnamese can easily access healthcare information and connect with doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies. Co-founders Dang Cong Nguyen and Vu Thanh Long noticed that people living in the countryside often have to travel long distances to get medical attention in the city. The long and inconvenient travel situations are not only costly, but also have negative implications on patients' health.

This problem was especially close to Nguyen's heart as his father was diagnosed with diabetes 10 years ago. Living in the suburbs far away from a hospital, Nguyen's father was unable to receive timely medical attention and his family members couldn't get important information on how to care for him. As a result, his father suffered from many diabetes-related ailments that could have otherwise been prevented with the proper medical attention.

Using eDoctor, people can find and connect with their doctors through audio or video calls, in-app messages, and even book visits to the clinics. People are also able to save and track their own health records, as well as records of family members and dependents with the proper consent.

Available on: iOS, Android

FbStart allows start-ups like us to obtain easier access to a global audience, no matter where we are. As an FbStart member, we are shaping the future of the product by connecting with and accessing knowledge from Facebook experts. It helped our small start-up to access a lot of new knowledge and tools to accelerate the speed of developing eDoctor.

Vu Thanh Long, CEO and Co-Founder, eDoctor

The Goal

Consumers are required to sign up for an account with eDoctor before accessing the app or its content, so the company needed an account creation process for people to log in across multiple devices easily. They decided to implement Facebook Login in addition to their phone number authentication method, and noticed a 48% increase in the number of daily active people using the app.

The Solution

eDoctor's use of Sharing allowed people to easily share anonymized medical information on Facebook. People could share the questions they asked to a doctor, along the doctor's answers, on their Facebook newsfeed or Messenger. They could also share articles written by doctors. These valuable content also incentivized new users to sign up to access the information. Using Facebook Login combined with Sharing, the app saw a 39% growth in registrations over a mere two months.

As eDoctor sought to provide a world-class consumer experience, they needed to understand how people were engaging with their app. With Facebook Analytics for Apps, they could easily track changes in consumer behavior when updates were made to their user interface. For example, by using App Events to track utilization of an App Invites button on their app, they realized that the button on their home screen was not performing up to their expectations. They replaced the original small sized App Invites button with a more prominent pop-up asking people to invite their friends to try the app. This change resulted in a 4X increase in the number of invites sent.

Using segments, eDoctor could identify attributes of their most active users. They could then target ads with Facebook Mobile App Ads to people of the same demography and interests as their best users using Lookalike Audiences. For a start-up like eDoctor, they found this tool to be incredibly valuable as it helped them obtain new customers with the least amount of effort compared to other channels. Facebook Mobile App Ads also helped them with consumer engagement. By creating a custom audience of their existing users and targeting engagement ads to them, they increased the two-month retention rate by 4X.

As an FbStart member, eDoctor has used many partner tools, such as Dropbox and Asana, to improve their app.

The Results


increase in registrations over two months with Facebook Login and Sharing


increase in daily active users with Facebook Login


increase in two-month retention rates

Facebook Products Used

people could share content from the app to earn credits

monitored consumer behavior within the app

increased the two-month retention rates by 4X

monetized app with native ads

accelerated development of the app

people could log in to the app easily across multiple devices