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We're in the process of evolving our program to help deliver more value to startups and are not accepting new applications at this time. Please visit our new website on Facebook Startup Programs for more information.
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Let us help your startup succeed.
FbStart provides year-round technical support from Facebook, an exclusive community of global startups, free credits to tools and services from dozens of premier partners, training on Facebook Developer Tools, and more.
Apply to FbStart, and we'll place you in a track that serves your needs.
FbStart's program consists of two tracks for startups at different stages of development and growth: Bootstrap and Accelerate.
Is your site optimized for mobile web, built on the Messenger platform, or launched as an active Android or iOS app? We're ready to help you grow your business quickly and effectively.
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Your business is thriving, and it's time to scale. We'll provide the support and resources necessary to go big with your app, messenger bot, or mobile web enabled business.
Building a social good business?
Receive additional benefits and support opportunities if you're building a social good business.
Social Good Apps
In partnership with, we'll provide a set of benefits specific to social good developers, as well as support opportunities with the team.
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FbStart has helped startups around the world build, grow, and scale their businesses. Read their stories.
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Facebook is working with great companies to offer exclusive benefits for FbStart members, for free.