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All Implemented Interfaces:
android.os.Parcelable , com.facebook.share.model.ShareModel

public final class SharePhotoContent
extends ShareContent<SharePhotoContent, SharePhotoContent.Builder>
Describes photo content to be shared.
Use SharePhotoContent.Builder to create instances
Nested Class Summary
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public classSharePhotoContent.Builder
Builder for the SharePhotoContent interface.
Field Summary
Modifier and TypeFieldDescription
private final List<SharePhoto>photos
public final static Parcelable.Creator<SharePhotoContent>CREATOR
Method Summary
Modifier and TypeMethodDescription
List<SharePhoto>getPhotos() Photos to be shared.
voidwriteToParcel(Parcel out, int flags)
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describeContents, getContentUrl, getPageId, getPeopleIds, getPlaceId, getRef, getShareHashtag, writeToParcel
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Method Detail


@Nullable() List<SharePhoto> getPhotos()
Photos to be shared.


 int describeContents()


 void writeToParcel(Parcel out, int flags)