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public abstract class FacebookDialogBase<CONTENT, RESULT>
 implements FacebookDialog<CONTENT, RESULT>
com.facebook.internal is solely for the use of other packages within the Facebook SDK for Android. Use of any of the classes in this package is unsupported, and they may be modified or removed without warning at any time.
Field Summary
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private intrequestCode
Method Summary
Modifier and TypeMethodDescription
intgetRequestCode() Returns the request code used for this dialog.
voidsetRequestCode(int requestCode) Set the request code for the startActivityForResult call.
final voidregisterCallback(CallbackManager callbackManager, FacebookCallback<RESULT> callback)
final voidregisterCallback(CallbackManager callbackManager, FacebookCallback<RESULT> callback, int requestCode)
booleancanShow(CONTENT content)
voidshow(CONTENT content)
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Method Detail


 int getRequestCode()
Returns the request code used for this dialog.


 void setRequestCode(int requestCode)
Set the request code for the startActivityForResult call. The requestCode should be outside ofthe range of those reserved for the Facebook SDK .
requestCode - the request code to use.


 final void registerCallback(CallbackManager callbackManager, FacebookCallback<RESULT> callback)


 final void registerCallback(CallbackManager callbackManager, FacebookCallback<RESULT> callback, int requestCode)


 boolean canShow(CONTENT content)


 void show(CONTENT content)