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public class DeviceRequestsHelper
com.facebook.devicerequests.internal is solely for the use of other packages within the Facebook SDK for Android. Use of any of the classes in this package is unsupported, and they may be modified or removed without warning at any time.
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public final static StringDEVICE_INFO_PARAM
public final static StringDEVICE_TARGET_USER_ID
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static StringgetDeviceInfo()
static booleanstartAdvertisementService(String userCode)
static booleanisAvailable()
static BitmapgenerateQRCode(String url)
static voidcleanUpAdvertisementService(String userCode)
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 static StringgetDeviceInfo()


 static boolean startAdvertisementService(String userCode)


 static boolean isAvailable()


 static BitmapgenerateQRCode(String url)


 static void cleanUpAdvertisementService(String userCode)