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Instagram API Upgrades to Facebook Graph API

August 31, 2017ByRavi Gummadi

We are upgrading the Instagram API to Facebook's Graph API. With this upgrade, developers can increase their efficiency by utilizing the existing, comprehensive Graph API SDKs, receive technical support, and monitor app activity with a set of dashboards. The new API is now available to all developers.

We are also introducing new features to the Instagram Graph API, so businesses can monitor their presence on the app and also more effectively measure the performance of their organic content on third-party tools. Businesses are already using insights to view metrics for their content and overall Instagram presence, and now these insights are also available via the Instagram Graph API.

The API expands comment moderation, so businesses and developers can hide comments or toggle them on or off. This feature provides added flexibility on the platform while furthering our commitment to keeping Instagram a safe place for self-expression.

A business profile is necessary in order to access these new features, and Facebook Login is required when giving permission to third-party tools. If an app developer is already using the previous Instagram API they can continue to do so unaffected and start building new features with the upgraded Graph API version.

To find out more about the new Instagram Graph API features, check out the documentation.