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Instagram API

The Instagram API is currently in beta and only available to select partners.

The Instagram API allows you to access data and media for Instagram Business Accounts. This makes it easy for you to manage all of your Instagram accounts, reducing the need for a dedicated staff or outside service.

For example, you could build a custom tool that retrieves each of your account's insights data and aggregates it all in a single report, or a tool that allows you to view, delete, and create comments for any media object in any of your accounts, all through a single interface.


The Instagram API consists of several endpoints that support standard CRUD operations. Any Facebook User with a role on a Facebook Page that's associated with your Instagram Business Account can use the API to access your business account's data.

The Instagram API uses the Graph API, so you can access each endpoint through the host using a valid user access token. In addition:


Before you can use the Instagram API, you must have:

  • An Instagram Business Account that is also the Instagram Ad Account of a Facebook Page
  • A Facebook Developer App with the Instagram product approved


All endpoints require a user access token that has granted your app the manage_pages permission (under Events, Groups & Pages), as well as one or more of the following Other permissions:

  • instagram_basic
  • instagram_manage_comments (optional)
  • instagram_manage_insights (optional)

Here are the permissions each role can grant:

Facebook Page Roleinstagram_basicinstagram_manage_commentsinstagram_manage_insights






Live Contributor

Note that users can only request information for the associated Business Account and any accounts it manages.

Rate Limiting

The Instagram API uses the same rate limits as the Graph API (200 calls per user per hour) with one exception: the /{instagram_media_id}/comments edge limits writes to 60 writes per user per hour. Please refer to the Graph API's rate limiting documentation for more information.


The Instagram API has the following endpoints:

Please note that the Instagram API currently does not support the limit parameter. The API will ignore this parameter and value if you include it.