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Fashioning an ecommerce business

Quiz Clothing started as a family-run business manufacturing clothing for companies New Look and BHS, and quickly moved into retailing, opening a number of its own stores that focused on value-led clothing for women that is trendy and suits different occasions. In 2006, the brand launched an ecommerce site and by 2019, 40% of its business came from online sales. Though 2020 was a difficult year for the core business, the company’s adoption of digital channels, including Messenger, has helped it navigate the pandemic.


of conversations handled by the HelloDone experience


of “Where is my order?” enquiries handled automatically


CTR rate for cross-selling & up-selling product suggestions


of overall time saved


Efficient, self-serve customer care

The clothing brand wanted to increase the efficiency of order tracking in order to decrease the volume of tracking requests its customer care team received as well as deflect as many frequently asked questions on deliveries and returns from customer care teams as possible.


Designing automated conversations with Messenger

Quiz Clothing partnered with post-purchase experience specialist HelloDone for help building and implementing an experience for Messenger that automates the order tracking process.

After the integration, the clothing brand revamped its order tracking process to include an link in a customer’s receipt email. The customer could follow the link to Messenger, where they could view the order information, tracker their order, and make changes to the delivery directly with the carrier.

The automated experience included natural language processing (NLP), quick-reply templates, and cross-selling opportunities based on conversation context.


Swift, productive customer care

By introducing an automated Messenger experience for order tracking, Quiz Clothing successfully helped customers find their orders quickly and efficiently, which reduced case duplication across email and social, and allowed its customer care team to focus on more complex queries and boost productivity. The clothing brand plans to promote its Messenger to increase awareness and is looking to scale the experience by adding entry points, such as checkbox plugin.

  • 80% of conversations are handled by the HelloDone experience (average 90 days)
  • 97% of all “Where is my order?” enquiries are handled automatically
  • 9% click-through rate for cross-selling & up-selling product suggestions from Messenger
  • 10% of overall time saved
*Results are unique and are provided by the featured business. Success story results will vary, as they depend on a variety of factors.

“Introducing an automated experience for Messenger has helped our customers keep track of their orders and eased the exchange and returns process, allowing our care team to up productivity by spending more time assisting customers with more nuanced or complicated queries. What’s more, it has introduced a new sales channel! We’re extremely grateful for the HelloDone team’s expertise and solutions and are excited to scale our Messenger experience.”

Haroun Saleemi
Head of E-commerce at Quiz Clothing

“We were thrilled to work with Quiz Clothing on building and integrating a Messenger-powered digital assistant. It’s an extremely useful way to provide self-service customer care options that can enhance the customer experience and scale to include a multitude of solutions throughout the customer journey.”

Ed Hodges
CEO, HelloDone


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