Instagram Messaging

All Instagram business accounts can connect to Messenger API for Instagram as of August 16, 2021.

Instagram messaging on Messenger Platform allows Instagram Businesses to use your app to manage their Instagram DMs. The API can be used to send and receive messages from other Instagram users.

The API is intended for Instagram Businesses who need to manage their IG DMs at scale when multiple live care agents are needed to reply and attend to customer enquiries. If you are a business that have low-medium message volume, you can directly leverage Facebook Page’s inbox tool to directly manage your Instagram Messages

The API is built on the Facebook Graph API and has a similar architecture to the Messenger Platform API. If you are unfamiliar with the Facebook Graph API or Messenger Platform API, please read our Facebook Graph API documentation and Messenger Platform API documentation to learn how it works before proceeding. Instagram Messaging is only supported from the Graph API v5.0 onwards.

When using the API you need to comply with all applicable Facebook terms and policies, including Facebook’s Terms of Service, Platform Terms, Developer Policies, Community Standards, Instagram Terms of Use, and the Instagram Community Guidelines.

In addition, you must comply all other technical requirements set forth in the technical documentation when using the Instagram Messaging API. In particular, Instagram Messaging API leverages CDN URLs which allow you to retrieve rich media content shared by users. The CDN URL returned via webhooks, and the Conversation API, is privacy-aware. This means, the CDN URL will not return the media when the content is deleted or expired. You must not download, retain, or otherwise store on your system the media content sent or made accessible by any user via the API (or enable any third party to do so) and you, or any third party, must not do anything to circumvent expiration and/or removal of any link to such media content, without our prior permission. Instead, if your app requires continued access to the media made available via the IG Messaging API, you must only store the privacy aware CDN URL in your system and use that to render the media made accessible via the API.


Refer to Review and Submission Process for the complete requirements when submitting for app review.

Common Uses

  • Send and receive text, media, stories, etc.
  • Retrieving conversation history from IG business inbox.
  • Responding to public comments with private messages.


  • The API cannot access Instagram non Business accounts.
  • Group threads (conversation with more than 2 participants) are not supported.

Documentation Contents


Explanations of core concepts and usage requirements.

Get Started

A short tutorial to get you up and running.

Platform Features

Explanations of various Instagram Messaging features.

Review & Submission Process

Review the Platform policies and follow our pre-launch checklist to ensure a successful launch.

Rate Limit

Explanations of various Instagram Messaging rate limit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Solutions to common problems, troubleshooting tips, and FAQs.

Sample Experience

Example code for a working Instagram messaging experience.