Platform Features

Messenger API support for Instagram is available to the following Instagram Professional Accounts:

  • All Business accounts
  • Creator accounts via a phased roll-out, beginning with accounts with less than 500k followers

For more details on the rollout, refer to here.

Instagram Messaging API provides a set of features and APIs to allow you to build a good messaging experiences. The available features and details are listed below.



Send text, media, and more.

Persistent Menu

Enable users to discover and interact with core features of the Page.


Retrieve conversation history from inbox.

User Profile

Personalize conversations and create unified experiences.

Story Mention

Best practices on how to handle Instagram Stories.

Private Replies

Reply to Post Comments with a single message on Instagram.

Quick Replies

Present a set of buttons in-conversation for users to reply with.

Ice Breakers

Start a conversation with a business with a list of frequently asked questions.

Generic Template

Send a structured message that includes an image, text and buttons.

Product Template

Send a structured message from the catalog.

Handover Protocol

Enables two or more applications to collaborate by passing control of the conversation (thread) between Primary Receiver and Secondary Receiver apps. links

Shortened URL service operated by Meta that redirects users to a conversation in Instagram.

We have launched a Developer Community Forum for Instagram Messaging API developers to ask and answer questions about their integration.