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Feedback-based allocations for requests and invites

February 13, 2008ByTom Whitnah

Following the positive feedback we received after introducing an allocation system for notifications, we will roll out a feedback-based allocation system for requests next week. Applications will no longer have a static upper limit of 20 requests, but instead requests will be allocated based on how users have responded to past actions. The number of requests per application will be based on the rate that users accept and ignore requests, whether an application ignores user requests to skip inviting friends, as well as other metrics that reflect the affinity users show for the application as a whole.

This change aims to make requests a more useful channel for sharing valuable applications and valuable new modes of interaction. Our hope is that requests will be better aligned with a user's intention to share a good experience with an application and engage with friends in ways their friends will appreciate, not just with how frequently an application requests users invite friends.

We will be providing request allocations and metrics in the Insights stats page at the end of this week.

Please send your feedback to with [requests allocations] in the subject field.