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Platform Updates: Operation Developer Love

January 25, 2012ByMatt Mallozzi

This week we announced how to implement flashHideCallback to support "wmode=window". We are also announcing the following changes:

Getting SubscribedTo and Subscribers via Graph API

We are now providing the ability of reading a user's subscribers and subscribees list via the Graph API. To access this information, your app is required to have the user_subscriptions permission for the user, and friends_subscriptions permission for their friends' info. Refer to the documentation for SubscribedTo and Subscribers for more details.

To access a user's subscribers list, issue an HTTP GET request to the subscribers connection like the following:

Similarly, to access a user's subscribees list, issue an HTTP GET request to the subscribedto connection.

The following PHP example demonstrates how to read the subscribed-to list:

  $app_id = 'YOUR_APP_ID';
  $app_secret = 'YOUR_APP_SECRET';
  $my_url = 'YOUR_URL';

  $code = $_REQUEST["code"];

  if (!$code) {
    // user_subscriptions and  friend_subscriptions permissions 
    // are required
    $dialog_url = ""
     . $app_id . "&amp;redirect_uri=" . urlencode($my_url)
     . "&amp;scope=user_subscriptions";
    echo('<script>top.location.href="' . $dialog_url . '";</script>');
  } else {
    $token_url = ""
     . $app_id . "&amp;redirect_uri=" . urlencode($my_url)
     . "&amp;client_secret=" . $app_secret
     . "&amp;code=" . $code;
    $access_token = file_get_contents($token_url);

    // Get request for the subcribed-to list
    $subscribedto_url =
     . "access_token=".$access_token;
    $subscribedto_resp_obj =
      json_decode(file_get_contents($subscribedto_url), true);

    // Parse the return value and get the array of people subscribed to.
    // This is in returned in the data[] array
    $subscribedto = $subscribedto_resp_obj['data'];


Improved Search Results on the Developer Site

We improved search results on the Dev Site. Search now includes Technical Q&A from Stack Overflow and Bugs. You can also filter your results to only show the type of information you are looking for (e.g., blog posts, documentation, API reference, technical Q&A, bugs).

manage_notifications Permission Now Required for Managing a User's Notifications.

As announced on the blog on July 29, 2011 and on the Roadmap, to read or manage a user's notifications we now require the manage_notifications permission. The "Require manage_notifications" migration has now been removed per our 90-day breaking change policy. For more information, see the User object documentation.

Upcoming Breaking Changes on February 1st 2012

  • Removing FeatureLoader JavaScript SDK. As part of the OAuth2 migration, we announced that the FeatureLoader SDK is no longer supported as of October 1st, 2011. On February 1st 2012, we will remove FeatureLoader. Please ensure that your app is using the JS SDK.
  • Removing canvas_name Field from Application Object We will be deprecating the canvas_name field in favor of namespace field on the application object on February 1st 2012.
  • Removing App Profile Pages We will be deleting all App Profile Pages and redirecting all traffic directly to the App on February 1st 2012. For more information, please refer to the blog post.
  • Removing REST support for Ads API We will be removing REST support for the Ads API on February 1st 2012. All Ads API developer must move their applications to use the Graph API.
  • Improved Auth Dialog On February 1st 2012, all apps will be enabled for the improved dialog, but those that haven’t fully configured their dialog can disable the setting in the Developer App until February 15, at which time it will be turned on for all apps.

New Breaking Changes

  • Pages Insights Metrics Deprecations. We are in the process of deprecating some old Page Insights. We announced this in a number of forums, but failed to outline this change in our Platform Roadmap per our breaking change policy. Our apologies. You can find a full list of the Insights to be deprecated from the Insights documentation. These Insights will be completely removed from API on Feb 15th 2012. Please make all necessary updates as soon as possible so that you can transition smoothly.

  • Throwing an Exception for Invalid filter_key. We will throw an exception if you try to query the stream FQL table with an invalid filter key. Currently if you call stream.get with an invalid filter_key value, the query silently fails, and with this change we will be throwing an exception. Refer to FQL stream documentation for details on using a filter_key. This change will take effect on May 1st 2012.

Please refer to the Platform Roadmap for more info.

Bug Activity from 1/18/12 to 1/24/12

  • 276 bugs were reported
  • 51 bugs were reproducible and accepted (after duplicates removed)
  • 26 bugs were by design
  • 38 bugs were fixed
  • 262 bugs were duplicate, invalid, or need more information
  • Bugs fixed from 1/18/12 to 1/24/12

  • typo
  • Lost 500k fans after migrating Application Profile Page
  • add photo tag via graph api returns TRUE, but tag doesn't add to photo
  • type field in the friendlist graph api object is wrongly documented
  • friendlist fql table should have the type parameter documented
  • application profile page likes still didnt migrate after 3 weeks!
  • Method to extend the access token generated from server side flow after offline access deprecation is unclear.
  • Developer Blog has incorrect og:url tag
  • All news feed about our game disappeared in facebook.
  • application profile page likes still didnt migrate after 9 days!
  • Old repository link in documentation.
  • Like count doesn't migrate to new page after the migration
  • Bug in max_recipients in Mobile Version (JS API)
  • OAuth Documentation is inaccurate - Client + Server Authorization
  • Open graph pages - it's not possible reach the admin pages
  • Broken link to Javascript SDK in depricated message
  • Pending Tester request not working
  • Documentation missing details about user overrides to posting permissions
  • Native iOS MFS goes blank after selecting recipient
  • Open Graph Admin page does not show next to Like button
  • Documentation error: code example for Facebook::getLoginUrl
  • Like buttons and box not working (page could not be reached)
  • Broken link in OAuth Dialog Documentation
  • Documentation Bug - Main FB For Websites page still refers to pre-oauth2.0 cookie format.
  • Request permission page does not render correctly on Windows Phone
  • Inaccurate URL in Open Graph sequence diagram
  • Some new insights values being returned as strings
  • If a user does destroySession() in PHP SDK, they should be able to re-populated persistent data when doing getUser()
  • Unable to unset app restrictions via graph api
  • PHP SDK returns previous user's userId even though access_token has changed
  • Consistency across examples in documentation (initializing all.js)
  • Sudden hike in the number of api errors reported in insights page since Sept 6th
  • Tutorial Documentation Error
  • Aggregation previews only work for first aggregation created
  • like button in hebrew is broken
  • Documentation bug for Page/tabs/TAB_ID
  • Unknown method error using FB.ui
  • Display parameter not documented for getLoginUrl
  • Facebook Stack Overflow Activity

    Activity on this week:

    • 145 questions asked
    • 39 answered, 27% answered rate
    • 86 replied, 59% reply rate