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Submitting Your Feedback to the Platform Team

May 11, 2009ByMatt Trainer

Facebook Platform developers are an active and critical part of making the Facebook experience rich and engaging, and the Platform team is working hard to give our developers improved support. We've listened to your feedback on our Wiki, our Forum, our Platform Page, and from direct conversations to discover the areas you want us to refine. We welcome all of our developers now to contribute by completing our new monthly survey and also by adding your input in our new feedback center.

The survey is our way to understand how the Platform team is doing in specific areas. We'll incorporate feedback from the survey and work alongside the community to make improvements.

The feedback center allows our developer community to submit and vote on ideas for improving the developer experience - in particular, our documentation and articles. We're looking for ways to surface the most relevant information (for example, what are the best practices for creating Feed stories, or how should I best handle a returning user with Facebook Connect). Write in with what you are most interested in learning more about. We're still taking feature requests on Bugzilla and listening to your comments in the Forum, but the new feedback system will be an easy way for developers to see and vote on the most important issues in the community. We'll follow the feedback closely and join the conversation.

These are both great ways to let us know what areas you'd like to see support for Facebook Platform improve, so be as detailed, specific, and thoughtful as you can. We'll do our best to implement your best suggestions as we make improvements to our Developer Site.

We look forward to hearing from you! Don't forget to take the survey to give us your feedback.