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Tech providers: Get ready for Meta work accounts

February 13, 2023BySarah Li

We’re rolling out Meta work accounts to a limited number of businesses in 2023. Meta work accounts are an account type for business tools across Meta. Organizations are able to manage these accounts with administrative features including SSO support, automated account provisioning and more. With Meta work accounts, individuals can access Meta’s work tools with one account that provides a separate login from their personal Facebook accounts. Businesses who choose to adopt Meta work accounts will need to integrate their existing third-party apps with their new accounts to maintain permissions to business assets within a limited time period. Tech providers should consider supporting these businesses through their transitions to minimize business disruptions.

Meta work accounts third-party app integration

Businesses undergoing migration to Meta work accounts will transition users from using their Facebook accounts to using their work credentials to access Business Manager. Access to the business assets, such as pages and ad accounts, will be transitioned from Facebook accounts to their new profile in Business Manager. Note that platform permissions granted to third-party apps from personal Facebook accounts will not transition to new Meta work accounts. This means users will be required to reintegrate with these apps using their new accounts to preserve third-party access to the user’s business data. To minimize potential disruptions, we have introduced a 30-day grace period that temporarily preserves the Facebook account’s permissions to business assets for third-party apps. Failing to reintegrate with users’ Meta work accounts within the grace period will lead to the apps losing Graph API access to those business assets.

How to support your clients who chose to migrate to Meta work accounts

In 2022, we tested and concluded that all existing APIs used by third-party tech provider apps will support Meta work accounts users. While there are no new APIs integrations required, third-parties should still consider supporting clients through migration to avoid any disruption to business activities.

Actions Required

  • Tech providers send to Meta the following so Meta can include them on 1st-party surfaces as an in-product experience for your clients (more details coming in Dev Alerts)

    • By 03/31/23: Send the 1) URL to your support team and 2) a generic support email address for end users to reach out in the event they require additional support
    • By 05/31/23: Create help documentation for end users that lists instructions on how to successfully reintegrate with the app/how to perform a change-management process; send the URL of that help documentation
  • Tech providers are encouraged to proactively build tooling/mechanisms to track clients’ migration status during limited rollouts in H2 ‘23: who have chosen to migrate to Meta work accounts; who have started migration and deadline for reintegrating with your app; who have accomplished migration.

Need Help?

Your strategic partner managers at Meta will help bridge questions and provide feedback.


Q: Are Meta work accounts managed at the business/organization-level or at the individual user-level?

A: Migration to Meta work accounts will be at the business or organization-level. As part of an organization migrating to Meta work accounts, an admin will grant access to their employees to access Business Manager using their work credentials (e.g., work email address). The employee will then need to claim their Meta work account as part of the setup process. Organizations will be able to manage employees’ Meta work accounts centrally, with administrative features such as single sign-on, automated account provisioning and two-factor authentication.

Q: What are the potential risks that Tech Providers should be aware of?

A: Users migrate at business level, meaning users need to complete migration for each business separately to transition business account access from their personal Facebook account to their new Meta work account. However, the integration process with third party apps is done at a user level. This means that if a user chooses to integrate with a Tech Provider app before they finish migrating all their businesses, the tech provider may not be able to access the non-migrated businesses and associated assets with the new user access token. We recommend that Tech Providers proactively build tools/processes to hedge for this risk.