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Changes to the Conversation endpoints in Graph API

Sean Quinlan
June 29, 2017

Messenger Platform regularly invests in underlying architecture changes to make the platform stronger and provide a better experience to people who use Messenger apps. We're making a change to the Page Messaging API which impacts the way we create conversation IDs.

Currently the Graph API endpoints use the conversation 'id' field as the primary identifier. Starting June 29, 2017, the conversation Graph API endpoint will have two new fields - the 'thread_key' field containing the new identifier, and the 'thread_id' field containing the old identifier. Until September 25, 2017 values from both fields will be supported as a valid 'id'. After September 25, 2017 only 'thread_key' value will be supported a valid 'id'.

While we make an effort to minimize the impact on developers, this upcoming change will impact those who currently rely on Messenger thread IDs through the conversations Webhooks field or the GET /{page-id}/conversations Graph API.

If you are storing the old identifiers, we recommend updating to the new identifiers as soon as possible to avoid a disruption in service. For more details, please review our guide. As always we look forward to connecting with you via the Facebook Developer Community group.

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