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BlackBerry 10 Passes Ring 1 and Other Updates

November 8, 2012ByMatt Kelly

It's been eight months since the Ringmark mobile browser test suite was announced at Mobile World Congress and since then the industry has been hard at work using it to fine-tune hardware and mobile browsers to better support functionality of modern web apps.

We’ve seen a lot of progress and wanted to share some of it with you.

BlackBerry 10 Passes Ring 1

We're very excited to announce that the BlackBerry 10 browser is the next to pass Ringmark Ring 1.

Ring 1 represents the features that are needed in order to enable the most common apps that people want to use, and developers wants to build. Specifically 2D games and music, video, and camera apps.

More details on the BlackBerry 10 browser can be found in their blog post.

Ringmark Support in Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Sony Xperia

We're also happy to announce that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Sony's latest Xperia devices include improvements to the Android browser based on priorities set in Ringmark.

Samsung updated the Galaxy Note 2 to fix bugs and add features including more input types for forms, web workers, CSS3 backgrounds, CSS3 animations, CSS3 transitions, IndexedDB, Media Capture, and WebGL.

Sony fixed bugs and added many features including Web Workers, WebSockets, Channel Messaging, Blob, document response support, and better history support. See their white paper for more information.

Coremob London Meeting

Mozilla hosted Coremob at their London offices in October for a two-day meeting. We had representatives from Verizon, Samsung, Financial Times, Vodafone, Qualcomm, and many others. Thanks for everyone that participated!

The group focused on nailing down the mobile web platform use cases and feature set that we're targeting for the near future.

One of the many action items that came out of the meeting included contributing to the core W3C test suite. As a result, the group is actively documenting the surface area of tests available, as well as submitting pull requests to increase extensibility.

Meeting minutes are available for both day 1 and day 2.

Dolphin Infographic

Dolphin has published an infographic that shows how it compares to other mobile web browsers, including in the context of Ringmark. Note that Dolphin was the first browser to pass Ring 1 in Ringmark.

Check it out on Dolphin's blog.

Compatibility Data (Windows 8 and

Thanks to Tomomi Imura, Windows 7.5 and 8 has now been added to the Mobile Web App Profile spreadsheet, showing which features are available in IE9 and 10.

Also, work is being done to contribute the spreadsheet to If you would like to help, join #webplatform on

Other News Out of Beta's Ringmark support is out of beta and includes 51,000 tests. They now provide open source APIs and data for PHP (including Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal), .NET, Java and C.

IndexedDB Polyfill

If you missed it, Khamza Davletov, a summer intern at Facebook, released an IndexedDB polyfill on GitHub.