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Growing quality apps with the App Center

June 7, 2012ByBruce Rogers

Today we’re launching the App Center, the place for people to find great social apps on the web and mobile.

Driving installs on the web and mobile
The App Center helps high-quality apps grow by promoting those that people enjoy the most. It includes all types of social apps, including those built for, iOS, Android, and the web. People can find apps through their friends, browse by category, or get personalized recommendations.

The App Center is available on and in our iOS and Android apps. If a user is browsing the App Center from their computer, they can easily send a mobile app to their phone. Whenever a mobile app requires a download, users will be sent to the respective install page in the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Growth tied to quality
The App Center lists apps based on quality signals from users. To see if your app meets the requirements, you can view your status in the App Dashboard.

Keep your app detail page up-to-date even if it isn’t currently listed, as it will appear in Facebook search for people who haven’t installed your app. Your app will be automatically included in the App Center once it meets our quality thresholds.

The App Center is beginning to rollout to users in the United States today. We will provide more details on the localization tools and international availability in the coming weeks.

The App Center is launching with over 600 apps, including new apps like Ghost Recon Commander, Jetpack Joyride, and Ghosts of Mistwood. More apps are being added every day. Learn how to include your app or visit the App Center.