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The New Preferred Marketing Developer Program

April 18, 2012ByJL Yi

Over the past three years, the Preferred Developer Consultant (PDC) program and Marketing API Program (MAP) have connected brands with developers to help them build apps on Facebook Platform, optimize social plugins, manage ad campaigns, and develop strategies for Facebook Pages. Today we're announcing that these two programs will merge to become the new Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) program. The goal of the PMD program is to bring developers to the right clients and make it possible for any brand or company to find consultants who can work with them to build comprehensive Facebook campaigns and presences.

This year we saw our largest application round to date. The first new class of PMDs includes 141 companies from 20 countries that were not previously represented in the PDC or MAP programs. With these changes, there are now 232 PMDs headquartered in 35 countries.

The new PMD program will enable developers to:

  • Connect to leads via a new lookup tool that replaces the PDC and Ads API directories. Clients can find developers by geography and expertise and read case studies and feedback.
  • Show specific expertise with Pages, Ads, apps, and Insights that they can display on their websites. These qualifications will also appear alongside PMD company names in the lookup tool, making it easy for potential clients to locate PMDs by focus.
  • Gain a deep understanding of the program's goals and processes from a revamped developer website
  • Save time in the applications process by using our new unified submission form. Now, developers can apply whenever they are ready, instead of through periodic rounds.

Since the PDC and MAP programs launched, the ecosystem has grown, as companies such as Vitrue, Adobe, and KRDS have found tremendous success creating businesses serving these needs.

  • Vitrue grew from 66 employees in 2010 to 180 in 2011. The company also opened five new offices and expanded internationally.
  • Earlier this year, Adobe acquired Efficient Frontier and Context Optional and recently announced Adobe Social to help customers manage their Facebook investments across Pages, Ads, apps and Insights with a single solution.
  • Since 2010, KRDS has grown from 10 to 95 employees and has opened five new offices in France, Germany, and India. KRDS has handled 350 Facebook campaigns for 160 brands in 13 countries, accounting for triple-digit annual growth.

We look forward to continued growth in the ecosystem as the next wave of companies support ongoing innovation across Platform, Pages, and ads experiences on Facebook.