Using Facebook Login to reduce login friction for Android users


Their Story

Facilitating discovery

Pinterest is a visual discovery engine that helps people find inspiration for home, food, style, beauty, and more. Users can access billions of Pins and save them to boards so they can plan and take action on ideas.

Their Goal

Reducing friction

Pinterest wanted to improve the experience for its Android users, making it more seamless for them to access their saved content, without needing to re-select a login method, or re-enter login credentials. Pinterest additionally wanted to prevent the frustrating user-experience of creating a duplicate account, as users can forget which login mechanism they previously selected and may accidentally re-create a new account without all of their saved content. To solve these issues and help Android users get back to their content and accounts quicker and more seamlessly, Pinterest introduced the Express Login and Custom Tabs for Android features.

Their Solution

Simplifying access

With Express Login and Custom Tabs for Android, people could login to Pinterest faster while minimizing friction.

With Express Login, people who had previously logged into Pinterest’s app or website with their Facebook accounts could seamlessly log back in on a new Android device, removing the need to remember and select a login method or re-enter credentials.

Similarly, with Custom Tabs for Android, people who signed in to Pinterest using Facebook on Android could access their Pinterest accounts, without the need to switch apps or re-select a login method. These two new login features were not only more convenient for Pinterest’s users, allowing them to get back to their content quicker and with less steps, but also helped prevent the creation of duplicate accounts.

Their Success

A frictionless user experience

Pinterest helped Android users get back into their accounts and content more easily, and saw the following results:

  • 20% increase in users successfully logging into Pinterest with Facebook Login after introducing Express Login
  • 38% increase in conversions for users logging into Pinterest via Facebook after introducing Custom Tabs for Android

“Facebook provided two quick and seamless options that improved the experience for our users with Android devices. By logging in with Express Login or Custom Tabs for Android, our users could quickly sign in to Pinterest using their Facebook account, getting them back to their personalized content or saved Pins and boards with ease.”

-Brian Lee, Growth Engineering Manager, Pinterest

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