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When this leading automotive company offered a more accessible communication channel through WhatsApp, improved customer engagement and higher satisfaction contributed to increased sales leads, higher revenue, and lower call center volumes


ROI in revenue in six month


reduction in call center volumes


increase in leads over the original chatbot


Always-on services

Nissan Saudi Arabia is an automotive sales and service provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Its parent organization, Nissan Motor Company, has cultivated a reputation for building innovative vehicles while providing customer-oriented service programs around the world.


Driving satisfaction and sales with accessible service

Nissan KSA wanted to engage a younger customer base that expects on-demand services as connected as they are. Revitalizing its customer service model to move away from call centers required Nissan KSA to create an automated, 24/7 communications channel that could handle inquiries and nurture sales


Iterating across teams to integrate with Instagram Stories

In the Kingdom of Saudi A rabia (KSA), where approximately 70 percent of the population is under 30 years old, Nissan KSA set out to adopt an always-on digital customer service channel. Though the Nissan website had a chatbot, it funneled queries to the call center and didn’t support the real-time resolution that today’s car buyers expect. Working with implementation partner Infobip, Nissan developed an automated chatbot powered by the WhatsApp Business Platform.

Given the popularity of WhatsApp in KSA — with a large majority of the population regularly using the app — the new service was an ideal and cost-effective service to build and launch. Users can click to WhatsApp and opt into a campaign through Facebook, Instagram, and the Nissan Saudi website. In just five months, Nissan saw a surge of 1 million exchanged messages. When people first contact Nissan through WhatsApp, a 24/7 virtual assistant routes them based on whether they’re a current or prospective customer. The intelligent bot offers real-time help with anything from filing a technician request to shopping for cars — giving customers the freedom to access services they need at their convenience.

Previously, customers had to visit dealers or contact call centers with limited hours to ask questions about engines, color options, quotes, or other details. WhatsApp allows them to explore different car colors, download brochures, and submit their requests through the app. The popularity of WhatsApp helped generate over 5,000 leads: a 390% increase over the original chatbot. Nissan can already attribute 32 cars sold, and considering just the increased car sales alone, that’s 34 times the ROI from the initial investment, achieved in about six months.

Over the same period of time, Nissan also saw a 33 percent decrease in inbound calls to the call center, allowing customer representatives to spend more time on higher-value activities involving answering sales questions, generating quotes, and assisting with more complex inquiries. Taking advantage of powerful capabilities in WhatsApp, Nissan KSA and Infobip easily continue to update the experience, which today includes over 50 car and service-related phrases in English, Saudi, and Arabic dialects.

As the WhatsApp channel makes customer service easier and more accessible — achieving a 4.4 satisfaction rating — Nissan is expanding its #SheDrives campaign for newly enfranchised women drivers. It also plans to incorporate WhatsApp to roadside assistance and paper less receipts.


Boost in revenue and outstanding ROI

Implementing a customer service and sales channel through WhatsApp Business Platform has helped Nissan KSA increase customer enthusiasm and drive new sales. From October 2020 - March 2021, Nissan KSA has seen the following benefits:

  • 34X ROI in six months
  • 52% automation rate that never reaches a human agent, contributing to cost savings
  • 33% reduction in call center volumes
  • 390% increase in leads over the original chatbot
  • 5,000+ leads attributed to WhatsApp
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“WhatsApp for Business has allowed us to change the way our brand interacts with our customers. Adopting WhatsApp reflects how we are continuously optimizing our services to streamline our customer journey, and make it easier for customers to communicate with us. WhatsApp Business Platform has helped us accelerate our advancement as a leader in responsive, innovative customer service.”

Ahmed Soudodi
Marketing Director

“With WhatsApp, we could quickly and cost-effectively set up a dynamic, readily accessible customer service and sales channel that makes us available to customers anytime. The round-the-clock service and responsiveness show our commitment to delivering highly outstanding services that have already supported significant revenue increases and 34 times the ROI in revenue over just six months.”

Mohammed El Khayat
Deputy GM–Customer Experience and Digital Transformation


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