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When a leading financial company in Indonesia implemented a reliable, convenient communications and service channel through WhatsApp, customer satisfaction scores rose by 50 percent. Adding list messages enhanced the efficiency of the customer experience.


increase in customer satisfaction scores with WhatsApp


additional increase in customer satisfaction with list messages


cost savings using WhatsApp to send OTPs


Effective connections

Akulaku is a financial company and ecommerce platform in Southeast Asia, with subsidiaries in Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Malaysia. The company enables customers in emerging markets to meet their financial needs through consumer financing, digital investment, digital banking, and insurance brokerage.


Creating high-value customer experiences

Akulaku wanted to balance high volumes of customer messages while making each customer feel valued, with a trustworthy system where customer interactions would not be cut off unexpectedly. Finding a reliable channel for services and communication that also maximized convenience throughout the customer journey was essential to boosting overall customer satisfaction.


Adding a reliable channel

In a world increasingly on-the-go, businesses must offer reliable, convenient services that shows they value their customers’ time. As a top financial company and ecommerce platform in Indonesia, Akulaku handles large numbers of message requests every day. Whether customers have questions about virtual credit cards, payment plans, car loans, and bill payments or want to top-up their mobile accounts or favorite games, they expect efficient resolutions.

Akulaku observed premature drops between five and 10 percent of communications from their customers. In its search for a platform to help ensure stability and consistency in handling high volumes of messages, Akulaku looked to WhatsApp, already one of the most popular apps throughout Southeast Asia, especially in Indonesia. Collaborating with automation firm Sanuker and digital assistant builder Stella, Akulaku launched a custom chatbot through WhatsApp Business Platform.

Using WhatsApp, Akulaku shares an average of 300,000 messages per month with customers, including one-time password (OTP) messages. Sending OTPs through WhatsApp saved Akulaku 30 percent in costs, compared to packages from SMS providers. Customers also found value in fast, reliable messaging: Satisfaction scores, which lingered around 40 percent for the SMS service, shot up to 90 percent with WhatsApp. Sensing a chance to make the customer experience even more convenient and consistent, Akulaku integrated list messaging into its WhatsApp channel.

With List messages, Akulaku has a streamlined way to present menu options, including its frequently asked questions list, that gives customers faster access to information including popular options like how to apply for credit in minutes. List messages also effectively track customer journeys—whenever an individual customer engages with Akulaku through WhatsApp, the bot will simply pick up the conversation right where it left off, sparing customers from re-explaining their situation to a live customer service representative or sorting through old emails. The time saved translated into even higher customer satisfaction: After adding List messages, Akulaku saw scores among its WhatsApp users rise 16 percent in just one month.

The added efficiency proved crucial during the pandemic: Customers accustomed to using WhatsApp could turn to the chatbot instead of dialing call centers already under pressure. With the ability to create the original menu options using List messages, Akulaku ensured greater clarity and consistency across responses to frequently asked questions. Though WhatsApp is the top-choice channel for many Akulaku customers, Akulaku also relies on WhatsApp as a steady back-up for customers who are still SMS users.


High satisfaction, lower costs

Adding a customer communications and services channel through WhatsApp has helped Akulaku raise its customer satisfaction scores, while lowering the cost of sending OTPs. Emboldened by this success, Akulaku implemented List messages to even greater customer acclaim.

  • 50% increase in customer satisfaction scores with WhatsApp
  • 16% additional increase in customer satisfaction with list messages
  • 30% cost savings using WhatsApp to send OTPs
*Results are unique and are provided by the featured business. Success story results will vary, as they depend on a variety of factors.

“With WhatsApp Business Platform, we help ensure that every customer has the richest, most efficient experience when addressing their questions. Convenience is baked into each aspect of the process, from the steadiness of the channel to the ways that list messaging resumes any interaction right where it left off. Using WhatsApp has really enhanced our customer engagement.”

Yang Hao
Product Manager


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