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Developer Platform will now require Business Verification for Advanced Access

February 1, 2023ByStephanie Curran

The Meta Developer Platform continues to invest in privacy and security for people, businesses and developers that use our technologies. As a part of these efforts, Meta will now ask developers to verify their businesses in order to get advanced access for any permission on the Meta Developer Platform as a part of our process to help confirm the authenticity and legitimacy of a business or organization.

For apps created after today (an app created on, we will begin rolling this out incrementally when new apps request advanced access. Apps created before today, February 1, 2023, with advanced access will be required to be linked to a verified business beginning on May 1, 2023, unless this process is otherwise required ahead of time. To manage the large initial volume of business verification requests, we will be rolling this requirement out incrementally through 2023 for existing apps on our Platform. Starting July 1, 2023, existing developers will receive a dev alert notifying them when their app becomes eligible to go through the business verification process; once notified, developers will have at least 30 days to submit the business verification requirements. Apps not linked to a verified business or to a business that is pending verification at that time will have their access revoked for advanced permissions. If you already have a verified business, we highly suggest ensuring all of your existing apps are linked to that business in order to avoid any disruption in your access. Please also note that individual verification will no longer be allowed for access once the business verification process is complete.

As an additional announcement, please note that after completion of Business Verification, developers will have additional data protection questions required for advanced access. In the following months, we will provide additional information.

For a list of permissions that require business verification before they can be approved for advanced access, see this page. Further, business verification may be built into other requirements and you may be required to complete business verification ahead of the dates listed above.

Please start preparing for business verification early if you manage platform apps and do not currently have a verified business in Business Manager. Here are some additional materials to explain the process and requirements to help you get it done at least 30 days once you're notified.

We value your contribution building tools to make the world more connected, and we appreciate your cooperation and the commitment to improving our privacy and security standards.