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Developer Spotlight: Mixcloud

October 1, 2012ByKarla Geci

Mixcloud is a web app that streams a unique catalogue of high quality DJ mixes, radio shows and podcasts - known as Cloudcasts - from users including Fatboy Slim, Moby, WIRED and NPR's Radiolab. Through the app, friends can share new discoveries and comment on each other’s activity.


  • Taking music social. Since their launch at f8, members have shared more than 23 million posts on what they're listening to on Mixcloud.
  • Time spent on site. Facebook connected users spend an average of more than 38 minutes per browsing session on Mixcloud.
  • Reduced bounce rate. Mixcloud has seen a 40% reduction in bounce rate for traffic from Facebook, compared to their site's average.

"By integrating the Facebook Open Graph into the core architecture of Mixcloud, we have been able to design a 'social' listening experience from day 1." Nico Perez, Co-founder of Mixcloud.

What Mixcloud does well

  • Makes signup easy. Prioritizing Login with Facebook and integrating the Facepile social plugin make signing up for Mixcloud simple and personalized.

  • Spotlights friends. Mixcloud determines which of a user’s friends has played a Cloudcast and features the friend’s photo to make it easier to choose content.

  • Inspired sharing. Mixcloud displays a Cloudcast feed based on the contributors people follow to help with discovery of new DJs, radio presenters and Podcasters.