One-Click Photo Products with Facebook Login

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Their Story

On-demand photo books

Headquartered in Amsterdam, PastBook allows customers around the globe to turn their Facebook photos into high-quality, personalized photo books through innovative, AI-driven technology. To help people create a custom photo product with just one click, PastBook uses Facebook Login to help people connect their Facebook account and access their photos quickly and seamlessly.

Their Goal

Finished products in seconds

PastBook has always worked toward the goal of providing a swift and satisfying customer journey. Since its launch, the company has striven to refine the login process so that people are able to create a customized photo book and purchase it quickly and easily.

Their Solution

Streamlined login

Facebook Login has helped PastBook make the process of creating a personalized photo product for customers as seamless as possible. To do this, the company has woven user permissions into its business proposition and prompts customers to connect with Facebook rather than creating an account. By using this login method, PastBook quickly onboards customers, which allows them to see their personalized photo product immediately and let them edit it if they wish.

PastBook’s digital strategy also encourages the use of Facebook Login via ad campaigns that emphasize its ‘one-click photo product’. Their ads prompt people to create a customized photo product and purchase with ease, which is made possible with Facebook Login.

Their Success

Quick conversions

By following Facebook’s recommended best practice for Login, PastBook is able to create photo products for its users within minutes, as well as the following results:

In January 2020:

  • >90% of total PastBook customers connected via Facebook Login
  • 3X increase in orders through Facebook
  • 10x faster book creation for users logging in with Facebook

“Facebook has enabled PastBook to provide our unique, swift and seamless experience, supporting our mission to help people relive their memories with personalized photo products. Thanks to Facebook Login’s easy, familiar, and secure one-click solution we are able to smoothly onboard people into our platform and automatically generate for them a photo product with their Facebook photos - resulting in fast scale and speedy advertisement-to-purchase conversation time. We’re thrilled with the results we’ve seen, and are excited to continue working with Facebook in the future.”

Stefano Cutello, Founder & Chief Product / Innovation Officer, PastBook

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