Ford Motor Argentina

Driving 2.1X more leads with Messenger and Instagram


Going further in Argentina

To provide customers with a smoother customer journey online, Ford Motor Argentina wanted to undergo digital transformation that would make it easier to connect with customers, generate and qualify leads, and follow-up with potential buyers.


increase in Messenger sessions


of Messenger conversations resolved with automation


increase in leads generated in March 2021


higher average certification level of leads generated via Messenger compared to other channels


Increased customer care efficiency

Nowadays, we are facing increasingly demanding consumers who weigh on the experience with the brand when buying a product. By reviewing and rethinking the customer user journey, we find opportunities to improve the experience at different touchpoints. We believe that it is key to be able to engage in 1:1 conversations that help consumers to address their queries regarding the decision of buying a product or not. In turn, we had the challenge of integrating multiple business and customer support centers into one, aiming at unifying and simplifying the user experience with the brand.

After conducting customer surveys about after-sales service preferences and analyzing the results, Ford Motor Argentina desired to build and launch a unique integrated customer service channel using a hybrid system. It aimed at delivering the best of automation and live-agent assistance to increase customer satisfaction, improve agent productivity, and generate leads.


Automating automotive conversations

Ford Motor Argentina’s activation agency, GTB, worked with automated conversation specialist Botmaker to build FORDi, a Messenger-powered digital assistant. Botmaker included a variety of conversational flows for different customer service needs, integrated Ford’s internal systems and databases, such as customized payment options, subscriptions, and vehicle specifications and details, and implemented a geolocation system that connects customers with budget requests to the nearest dealership.

When a potential car owner begins a conversation on Messenger, the automated conversational flow guides them through the customer journey via message templates and quick replies. From there, FORDi uses a handover protocol to route the customer to an agent in the relevant care segment, such as customer service or sales, for further assistance.

After launching FORDi via Messenger in November 2019, the automaker decided to implement the hybrid messaging experience on other channels for enhancing the experience with a variety of use cases. Botmaker with GTB helped Ford Motor Argentina integrate the digital assistant into its WhatsApp channel in June 2020, and the companies then worked together to scale FORDi’s service offerings to include lead generation and lead management. In early 2021, Ford, GTB and Botmaker used Messenger API for Instagram to streamline Instagram direct messages into a centralized communications hub. In addition, Plan Ovalo integrated FORDi into its webpage using a Botmaker chat solution that allows people to access Messenger.


More conversations, more customers

Ford Motor Argentina’s Messenger-powered digital assistant successfully helped its customer care team boost productivity and generate more high-quality leads. In just one year, it achieved the following results*:

  • 3.5X increase in Messenger sessions (between February 2020–February 2021)
  • 90% of Messenger conversations resolved with automation (between February 2020–February 2021)
  • 2.1X increase in leads generated in March 2021 (compared to February 2021)
  • 12% higher average certification level of leads generated via Messenger compared to other channels (between February 2020–February 2021)
All results are self-reported and not identically repeatable. Generally expected individual results will differ.

"FORDi's integration with multiple platforms on the Facebook Apps Family allows us to connect with our customers on relevant communication channels, identifying their needs quickly. In addition, we’re able to continually improve customer experience through decision trees and API integrations, which helps us to constantly grow and to surprise our clients with new features, thus making their experience with the brand better every time."

Ezequiel Balducci
Marketing & Digital Transformation Ford Argentina

"Ford has always been synonymous with innovation. With FORDi, Ford Argentina became the first car manufacturer in the region to introduce digital assistants on Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram Direct and operate them at the same time. Our ability to build conversational experiences and connect them with multiple channels was key to the project's expansion, and we’re extremely happy with what we have accomplished together. We’re very excited for what’s to come!"

Pablo Dorado
Sales Manager Latin America, Botmaker

"We are proud to work on projects that improve the user experience and the communication between brands and customers. FORDi is a clear example of digital transformation, it is a development in constant evolution from learnings and implementations based on people's feedback and experience."

Damián Macera
Head of Digital & CRM, GTB

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