Instagram Platform Case Study


This social media management platform utilizes Instagram's Comment Moderation API to roll out a new product called Engage. Since the rollout of Engage, the product has seen a 30% adoption rate and has helped its customers improve their customer service flow.

Implement the Comment Moderation API


Building your lnstagram Through Engage

Buffer offers a suite of social media management tools to their small business customers to help keep track of, manage, and grow their media platforms. Buffer understands that a lot of small businesses don't have full marketing teams, but with the help of Buffer small businesses can take full control of managing their Instagram accounts in powerful ways.


of beta testers have gone on to activate and utilize Engage's features

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many of Engage's users have utilized the tool in a recurring matter to routinely have zero unreplied comments

Instagram is a growing platform our customers use and by leveraging Instagram's APIs we are able to create a solution that will improve our customer's workflows and help them stay on top of their audience.

Buffer Team


Improving The Interactions With Your Audience

Buffer saw a growing need to help its customers engage with Instagram users who were leaving comments on their posts and interacting with their content.



Engage by Buffer, which utilizes the Instagram Comment Moderation API, offers a way for brands to stay on top of their audience members who are interacting with their posts. Buffer already has products such as Analyze and Publish, but Engage was a missing piece.

Buffer saw that brands really want to interact with their audience and their audience doesn't want to be ignored when they leave comments. Engage addresses this by offering its customers a dashboard where they can keep track of all the comments that have been made on their posts. With a streamlined feed, emoji commenting, and frequently used responses, comments don't fall through the cracks and customer service increases.

Engage allows brands to engage with the most important comments and gain the trust of their audience.

Labels are automatically placed on comments that fit certain criteria such as questions, potential sales, and important comments.

Users love getting their personal emails to zero new messages, and with Engage, you can get your unreplied to lnstagram messages to zero.


Comment Moderation API

The Comment Moderation API is a subset of Instagram Graph API endpoints that allow you to reply to comments, delete comments, hide/unhide comments, and disable/enable comments on media objects owned by Instagram Business and Creator Accounts.

Engage with audience on instagram by replying to incoming comments across one or more IG Business/ Creator accounts
Handle communication across multiple channels in one central location (managing emails, sms, facebook comments, instagram comments)
Disable the ability of certain words or phrases to be commented on your media
Responding to your @mentions on posts outside your own media
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